Unveiling Singular’s first ever Quarterly Trends Report: Q4 2023

By John Koetsier December 21, 2023

I am super-excited to unveil Singular’s first ever Quarterly Trends Report. If you follow mobile marketing at all, you know that Singular is well-known for its annual ROI Index. Now we’re unveiling a new industry insights report that we’re going to update much more frequently.

And this inaugural edition is chock-full of insights.

The Singular Quarterly Trends Report is based on a huge amount of data across essentially every country on the planet and every vertical on Google Play and the App Store:

  • Trillions of impressions
  • Billions of dollars of spend
  • Tens of billions of clicks
  • Billions of installs
quarterly trends report

Massive change needs massive insight

Everyone knows that marketing and advertising is in the middle of a massive shift right now. 

We’re moving from deterministic last-click tracking using cookies and mobile ad identifiers like the IDFA and GAID to a broad mix of marketing measurement techniques we call hybrid measurement. As we go through this massive shift and turn to SKAN 4 and Privacy Sandbox and MMM and first-party data and modeling and more, you need easy access to up-to-date insights on the mobile ecosystem.

Accompanying this massive change is the continual growth and expansion of mobile globally.

QTR mobile data

So we’ve packed our first Quarterly Trends Report with insights sliced by operating system, geo, and verticals on:

  • The growth of mobile
  • ATT opt-in rates
  • CPI: cost per install
  • CTR: click-through rate
  • IPM: installs per thousand ad impressions
  • The hottest verticals for installs
  • Ad networks: top gainers for ad spend
  • Ad networks: top gainers for advertisers
  • Ad networks: top non-traditional user acquisition platforms for growth
  • Share of spend:
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Web
  • Paid versus organic installs
ATT opt-in rates quarterly trends report

Plus, we’ve added contributions from partners that round out the Quarterly Trends Report with insight from different angles of the complex mobile marketing landscape:

  • Appvertiser shares growth hacks for 2024 in 5 areas:
    • Paid user acquisition
    • Creatives
    • SKAN and attribution
    • ASO and organic growth
    • Bonus insights
  • AppSamurai shares global gaming and monetization trends with insights on:
    • Gaming spend
    • Gaming spend forecasts
    • Monetization strategies
    • Rewarded ads and real-world rewards
  • Bidease shares targeting insights:
    • Share of device language by country
    • Expanding into new markets without spending huge sums
    • Growing the fastest-growing region on the planet
  • Craftsman+ shares insights on the most popular ad types by platform:
    • Google
    • YouTube
    • Meta
    • TikTok
    • Other ad networks

We want to share what Singular’s seeing in the mobile marketing space as a resource for user acquisition and brand marketing professionals. 

Our intention is that this Quarterly Trends Report dataset will continue to grow and that the insights we share from it will expand from quarter to quarter. We’re also hoping to increasingly share insights from partners as well to provide the best possible dataset and insight.

We have huge plans for the future of this platform.

Check out the full report now.

And, keep checking back as we update it regularly.

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