The ‘No BS’ mobile attribution webinar: 27 questions answered (plus yours!)

By John Koetsier October 16, 2018

You’ve heard about mobile attribution. You’ve wondered about mobile attribution. Maybe you even use mobile attribution. But you still have questions.

Like: Why?

Or: Who needs that?

And: Aren’t all mobile attribution solutions basically the same?

We get it. It can be confusing, and it can seem pretty detailed and technical sometimes. That’s why we’re hosting a webinar (with friends from Vungle and Liftoff) on November 6. And we’d like you to attend.

Why? Keep reading.


What you won’t get from this webinar we won’t do is feature talking heads making long droning speeches. We don’t like those kinds of webinars either.

We also won’t do a fancy sales pitch on Why Singular Rocks or How Singular Is The Total Best, Dude. That’s not our style, and we suspect that it’s not really yours, either.

What you will get from this webinar

Quick, to the point answers on key questions about mobile attribution.

Which questions? Keep scrolling …

(And yes, you can add one of your own. Or even two. Start by signing up here.)

Who you’ll get answers from

We’ve selected an attribution expert from Singular, an advertising expert from Vungle, and a mobile app install expert from Liftoff to provide all the answers.

They are:

Barbara Mighdoll
Senior Director of Marketing

David Bennett
Sales Engineer

Rina Matsumoto
Performance Optimization Lead, US

And I’ll be moderating (John Koetsier, VP Insights, Singular.)

And finally, the mobile attribution questions

We have a lot of questions that we’ve seen people ask. Here’s a quick overview:

  1. What is mobile attribution?
  2. What are tracking links? How do they work?
  3. What are postbacks? Should I be getting them?
  4. What is granularity? Why do marketers need granularity?
  5. What is a SAN? Are SANs really self-reporting? What does that mean?
  6. Why do marketers need to combine customer-level attribution data and campaign-level marketing data?
  7. What are the most critical reporting needs in mobile attribution?
  8. What is server-side measurement? When does it make sense?
  9. What kinds of ad fraud are most common? How can I avoid them?
  10. Can I see where ad networks are running my ads? If so, how?
  11. How can I ensure brand safety?
  12. Should I pay extra for fraud protection? What about viewability tracking?
  13. Why do I need API access to my attribution partner’s datastream?
  14. What kinds of API access should I have?
  15. Do I need access to raw log files? Why?
  16. What are the most important post-install events to measure?
  17. Do I have to use one attribution solution across all my apps?

That is actually 27 separate questions, even though we’ve organized them into 17. But it’s pretty likely that there are some that we haven’t seen. Or thought of. And one of them might be yours.

Please ask it here. We’d love nothing more than to add it to the list.

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