Aarki, Digital Turbine, Jampp and Lifestreet join Singular’s Certified Partner Program

By Saadi Muslu January 13, 2020

Our partners sit at the core of our technology, providing data excellence that drives the industry’s leading ROI and performance analytics to marketers around the world.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Aarki, Jampp, Digital Turbine, and Lifestreet are the newest members of the Singular Certified Partner Program!

The Certified Partner Program (CPP) is our commitment to the industry to set the standard for data integrity within our partner ecosystem. Therefore, we raised the bar high with strict requirements to be considered for the program. We categorized these requirements into three main areas of focus:

  • Data excellence: The partner is passing both aggregated campaign data and user-level attribution data
  • Data governance: The partner is passing all campaign analytics data via an API, has complied with GDPR, and has committed to combating mobile app fraud.
  • Service commitment: The partner has a minimum designated list of mutual customers, is receiving training across relevant business teams on the Singular platform, and has committed to ongoing market development and account mapping efforts.

We initially launched the Certified Partner Program last year with 12 launch partners, including Facebook, IronSource, Google Ads, and Twitter, who went through an extensive audit process to ensure they met the program’s requirements.

Aarki, Digital Turbine, Jampp and Lifestreet went through the exact same audit process, and we’re excited that they met the requirements and are dedicated to providing marketers with timely, granular and actionable performance insights.

Let’s take a look at each partner…

Aarki is a leading AI-enabled mobile marketing platform that helps companies grow and re-engage their mobile users, using machine learning (AI), big data, and engaging creatives.

Providing complete and granular transparency of advertising spend and performance to our advertisers has always been a key pillar of Aarki’s commitment to our advertisers. We welcome all industry initiatives that help champion a better and more transparent ecosystem as a whole as they are key to driving growth and trust in mobile performance marketing adoption.” – Nicol Cseko, Vice President of Product, Aarki

Digital Turbine works at the convergence of media and mobile communications, connecting mobile operators and OEMs with app developers and advertisers worldwide. We bypass the traditional app ecosystem by powering new revenue streams for carriers, a frictionless app discovery experience for end-users, and quality new user acquisition and brand impressions for advertisers.

We are pleased to partner with an innovator like Singular. Together we share a deep commitment to customer growth and fraud prevention. Because our software platform is active on millions of devices worldwide, we can help app advertisers and developers reach new users at scale while also delivering a frictionless and fraud-free experience. Our unique approach and Direct to Device ad units represent a new category of mobile advertising that is refreshingly transparent, and bypasses much of the legacy noise.” – Matt Tubergen, Executive Vice President, Digital Turbine Media

Jampp is the growth platform of choice for on-demand apps worldwide. They unlock programmatic marketing to drive incremental performance through User Acquisition and App Retargeting.

We are excited to further grow our partnership with Singular through this CPP initiative, and continue working together to offer our customers more transparency, improved performance, and actionable granular insights.” – Rafael Lima, Product Manager, Jampp

Lifestreet is a programmatic marketing platform that is deeply trusted by app developers because of our full transparency, granular controls and unrivaled integrity.”

LifeStreet is excited to be joining Singular’s Certified Partner Program, and share their commitment to data integrity, transparency, and trust. Compromised data has real costs to marketers, and efforts like Singulars are beneficial to our partners and the industry as a whole.” – Kristen Perry, Head of Sales and Business Development, Lifestreet

We will be working closely with all our integrated partners to build everyone to the same level of excellence as our Certified Partners. Together we are the trusted source for marketing performance analytics and look forward to further setting industry standards.

For more information on how to become a Singular Certified Partner, reach out to

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