Mobile measurement post-IDFA: Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv on The Mobile User Acquisition Show

By John Koetsier August 4, 2020
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What’s great about SKAdNetwork? What are the biggest challenges of losing the IDFA? How does SKAdNetwork both reduce and increase the potential for fraud? What will MMPs do post-iOS14? What’s going to happen to marketing spend and ad CPMs in October? Can you do fingerprinting? What about customer pop-ups?

Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv answered these and many more questions on a recent User Acquisition Show podcast with Rocketship HQ’s Shamanth Rao.

Get the whole show in the links above, but here are some of the key quotes/

On fingerprinting:

We don’t think fingerprinting is going to pass the Apple test. By the way, just to clarify, every time I’m saying something about a method that is unlikely, it doesn’t mean I don’t like that method. I wish it would work, but I just don’t think it would pass the Apple sniff test.

On an attribution hash solution:

The challenge with that is it means that Apple needs to do us a favor and give us the IDFA. That means, it’s unlikely because they just killed it very publicly. Why would they have an appetite to give anyone that access again?

On building your own consent-requesting pop-ups:

Apple said, “If you do any form of tracking, you have to use our pop up …”

On privacy and marketing measurement:

The challenge is that there’s a tension between preserving privacy and giving the advertiser flexibility. The more flexible the mechanism is, the less privacy friendly it will be.

On SKAdNetwork and building on top of it:

SKAdNetwork, as Apple proposes, in its current form is very bare bones. It’s okay, they gave us an API and said, “Go figure it out.”

On Singular’s SKAN proposal for how to implement SKAdNetwork:

What we propose, and we wrote a document called SKAN, which is short for SKAdNetwork, and it’s our proposal for how to implement that. We built it in a way that’s not Singular specific, it was actually benefiting every advertiser, ad network, and MMP. What we tried to do is say, “Here are some standard models …”

On the biggest hole in SKAdNetwork:

An ad network will report their spends, the number of installs, and their ROI — that’s insane. It’s like they can do anything, they can just report that it’s all whales.

Check out the entire podcast for more insight right here.

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