Singular MMM: Announcing the future of simple, automated, out-of-the-box media mix modeling

By Kelsey Lee May 18, 2023

Welcome to the future of media mix modeling, courtesy of Singular. Today we’re announcing the launch of Singular MMM.

It’s been a tough few years in mobile marketing

The marketing ecosystem is constantly in motion, as we’ve seen with the introduction of privacy frameworks and the depreciation of various data sets and identifiers – and we know more is coming. It can feel like the changes are never-ending, and growth marketing is increasingly complex.

But there is a scenario somewhere in the not-too-distant future where the state of UA and measurement is thriving … and much simpler than you might think. Growth organizations will have access to reliable marketing analytics that are easy to decipher, where there’s no doubt or hesitation over which is the right data set, and where user-level data concerns are a thing of the past: no marketer is left in need of more performance signals. 

Media mix modeling, or MMM, is one step toward this future state: one measurement lever in the Future of Measurement pursuit.

MMM is not new on the scene, and many marketing teams have attempted to build their in-house models or opted for a traditional MMM provider. Still, these options present challenges and limitations that curb MMM potential. Having enough data and the correct market data is vital to a reliable and unbiased model that takes into account critical macroeconomic factors and industry shifts that are at play, and that can impact your downloads. 

That’s why as an MMP, Singular has the keys to unlocking better models, better trends, and better predictive data. 

Media mix modeling: a path forward

Singular is excited to announce the launch of our MMM Beta – A solution to ensure that marketers have the insights they need, even as we continue to see the depreciation of user-level data.

Initially, the beta is open only for prequalified design partners and is scheduled to scale in Q3 2023. 

How does Singular’s media mix modeling work?

To optimize quarterly and monthly budget distribution, side-by-side budget allocation charts will highlight where your money is currently being spent versus where it should be spent. 

Trend recognition charts will help marketers quickly identify the organic country and app tendencies, which will provide the crucial ability to understand the performance of channels that have previously been extremely difficult to measure (TV, OOH, and Influencers). 

In short, Singular’s media mix modeling solution will enable marketers to:

  • Better allocate budgets 
  • Unlock insights on channels that were previously unaccounted for 
  • Correlate trends to incremental growth and performance dips
  • Make informed decisions based on model accuracy
MMM impact of Christmas

Today beta-design partners have access to MMM outputs like ROI and CPI per channel, comparison to direct MMP attribution, cost-to-revenue plotting, and ROI over time. With unparalleled granularity and filtering options at the app, country, and OS levels, Singular’s MMM models are introducing trend charts and predictive ROI analytics that traditional media mix modeling solutions have struggled to provide.

Development on future milestones is already underway and will be rolled out as the beta scales throughout Q3. 

MMM impact of Covid

Contrary to traditional MMM solutions that require resource-intensive data collection and model training, Singular’s beta-design partners will benefit from a hassle-free onboarding that requires zero implementation resources on the client side. Given Singular’s advanced data collection infrastructure, onboarding is fully automated, and media mix modeling models are ready out-of-the-box.

Hybrid Measurement, the end goal

To fully realize the ‘Future of Measurement’ and quickly navigate all optimization use cases, marketers need reporting analytics powered by multiple measurement methodologies.

That includes MMM. 

Singular’s north star for solving these challenges is Hybrid Measurement, which is built upon three key pillars: 

  1. Unified data infrastructure
  2. Multiple measurement methodologies
  3. Reporting and insights serving various views and multiple purposes

We’ve spent the past decade crafting our Unified Data Infrastructure, and today we’re tackling additional measurement methodologies: SKAN, media mix modeling, Web & Mobile MTA, with more in the works. Hybrid Measurement may seem futuristic, but it’s already in action today with the various methodologies we’ve already built support for. 

Future milestones in Hybrid Measurement will tackle a unified reporting layer that allows marketers to analyze their performance across multiple measurement methodologies easily and side-by-side. Singular’s clients are pushing the envelope in how we look at data, measurement, and growth analytics, and our goal is to pave the way and make this exploration and adoption as seamless as possible. 

Key to that vision: simple, automated, easy-to-implement solutions for every one of your measurement needs. Including the famously complicated and hard-to-set-up media mix modeling.

Join the conversation and learn how Singular can future-proof your growth. 

“We’re looking into how we can incorporate MMM signals, and we want to explore what other opportunities are available. The goal is to get as many signals as possible to make better decisions” –

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