Marketers are boosting 2019 ad spend on Amazon, Facebook, and Google (but especially Amazon)

By John Koetsier March 19, 2019

Recently we surveyed 1,500 marketers who actively run ad campaigns. It’s no shock that marketers are looking more and more to Amazon as a media source for advertising — especially those in consumer goods and retail.

But Amazon’s not the only one growing.

Both Facebook and Google will be growing significantly as well. Amazon, however, as the newer competitor in the advertising world with, of course, less historical business, will grow the most. In fact, 63% of marketers who run ad campaigns are planning to increase their spending on Amazon.

Google and Facebook aren’t left out, however. More than half of marketers — 55% — are growing their ad spend with Facebook, and 61% of marketers are also planning to increase their spend with Google.

This should not be a surprise.

Google and Facebook both did exceptionally well in the Singular 2019 ROI Index, where we ranked over 500 ad networks by their return on investment. Both were at the top of virtually all categories and geographies.

Let’s dive deeper into what marketers plan to do with each platform:

Facebook ad spend growth

We’ve already mentioned that more than half of marketers will be increasing their ad spend on Facebook. Only 10% say they’re decreasing it, while 35% say they’re keeping it the same.

Facebook topped the global iOS and Android ROI rankings in our recent Singular ROI Index, so it makes sense that marketers are doubling down on success.

Google ad spend growth

Similarly, 61% of marketer say they’ll spend more on Google. 33% say they’ll keep their spending the same, while only 6% plan to spend less.

Google showed massive strength in the Singular ROI Index in gaming sectors as well as regional dominance in Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions. Again, marketers tend to keep doing what works … and generally do more of it.

Amazon ad spend growth

While Amazon is the newest entrant into the advertising ecosystem among these big three, and has a relatively small share of the overall digital ad market, it doubled in ad revenue over the last year and has been ramping continuously for several years.

In 2019, it will grow the fastest.

One huge advantage: massive amounts of purchase data as well as browsing history, which helps Amazon gain good understanding into what people want and what they’re most likely to click on.

63% of marketers plan to increase their ad spend with Amazon in 2019, with another 34% planning to keep their spend the same. Only 3.5% of marketers who run ad campaigns are planning to decrease their spending.

Most trusted ad networks

We surveyed the same 1,500 marketers on multiple other topics, including which ad networks they trust the most, and what the most important elements that marketers consider when choosing new ad networks.

We can’t reveal all of that publicly, however.

To get that data, contact us and ask for the “most trusted ad networks” data.

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