Introducing Bookmarks for Faster Reports & Real-Time Collaboration

By John Koetsier June 8, 2017

Starting today, an exciting new feature is live in the Singular marketing analytics dashboard called Bookmarks. Bookmarks let you save and store your favorite queries (e.g., Facebook performance over the last 7 days) and easily share saved data reports with your team.

When you create a Bookmark, the selected metrics, filters, dimensions and time period persist in Singular, and are continuously re-run to cache the results data, significantly reducing the time it takes to load your saved reports in the future.

Singular previously allowed you to set a primary query displayed as the main report in your marketing analytics dashboard, while additional reports required new queries. Now, with Bookmarks, you’ll have a record of your favorite marketing analytics reports for you and your team to easily reference and customize without having to recreate the reports in Singular.

How to Create a Bookmark for an Insights Report

Once you run a marketing analytics data report, simply click on “Bookmark” in the upper right hand toolbar and name your report. Then, select the time period:

Rolling: your bookmarked data analytics for a marketing campaign report will be based on a relative time range. Options available are last 7 days, last 30 days, this month, last month, or custom. Custom allows you to define a specific number of days back.

Static: your bookmarked digital marketing report will be based on a fixed time frame, like “Q1 2016”. With this option, bookmarked reports will always return the same time range you have chosen.

Select “Share with team” (if desired) to allow other Singular users on your team to view the same bookmarked report and ensure everyone is looking at the same data.

Real-Time Collaboration for Unprecedented Insights

Far too often we encounter mobile digital marketing teams who operate under a protective cloak of data analytics systems that are inscrutable to outsiders.

Singular helps break down the silos that have traditionally isolated mobile marketing teams by allowing seamless sharing of user-friendly marketing performance reports across teams.
There are two ways to share reports:

  • After creating a Bookmark, select “Share with team” and the Bookmark will appear in your teammates’ accounts, under their bookmarks, or;
  • After loading a Bookmark or running a new report for a marketing campaign, create, copy and share a link to the report:

Singular users and non-Singular users outside your organization (such as third-party vendors or agencies) can access a saved marketing analytics report via the password-protected link you share, much like a Google Doc, while even the most Excel-averse recipients can customize and dig deeper into the data you share.

Here are some ideas on how to leverage Bookmarks:

  • Got someone working on social? Set up a weekly report showing the installs and ROI driven by each social campaign
  • Making reports for stakeholders? Save last month’s figures by using the preset “last month” date option with your set metrics and your most important channels
  • Managing multiple UA managers? Label your campaigns by manager and save a weekly marketing analytics report showing a breakdown of performance driven by each manager

We hope Bookmarks will help you and your team analyze your marketing performance even faster on Singular.

As always, let us know if you have questions or feedback!

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