Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite: The most sophisticated fraud prevention in the market, at no additional cost

By Gadi Eliashiv April 24, 2021

Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite is critical to protecting your advertising dollars. Digital advertising fraud is expected to hit $45 billion in 2022, diverting brands’ hard-earned dollars away from legitimate marketing to toward unscrupulous fraudsters. But a huge percentage of marketers — up to 63% according to Gartner — still do not utilize fraud prevention techniques in their mobile marketing systems.

At Singular, we don’t want our customers to be another statistic.

This is why we have taken a new approach to fraud prevention. While most attribution providers are treating fraud prevention as a luxury, charging exorbitant fees to “add on” prevention technology, Singular believes it is a necessity and should be included as part of our core attribution solution. Additionally, while many providers offer comprehensive insights into the fraud that is taking place, these insights are not necessarily actionable or proactive. Marketers don’t just need best-in-class fraud prevention, they also need control over how fraud is defined and how it’s treated.

As such, Singular is excited to offer an enhanced Fraud Prevention Suite that is included by default with our mobile attribution suite. It both proactively rejects fraud and adapts to your app’s ecosystem, your advertising partners, the ad networks and channels you use, and how you see fraud.

What you can expect in Singular’s fraud tools

Every performance marketers knows: fraud takes place in many different forms and is always evolving. This is why Singular considers all fraud detection signals and all known fraud prevention methods to:

  • Show you where and when fraud is taking place
  • Proactively reject fraud clicks, installs, and conversion events
  • Give you complete control over when and how to take action on fraudulent activity

Using Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite, you are equipped with the sophistication, control, and adaptability to keep sources clean and media budgets focused on quality users. We simply offer more fraud prevention technologies and methodologies, including:

  • Android Install Validation (a first in the industry)
  • iOS Install Validation
  • Android Click-Injection Prevention
  • Android Organic Poaching Prevention
  • Blacklisting
  • Geographic outliers
  • Hyper-engagement
  • Short time to install (TTI)
  • SKAdNetwork postback validation

Here are just a few key highlights of our Fraud Prevention Suite:

Comprehensive protection against fraud
Singular considers all detection indicators and protection methods to actively reject fraudulent installs, clicks, and events within pre-defined thresholds.

Adaptive to evolving fraud
Singular evolves as fraud evolves adapting based on the trends of various fraud signals within your app’s environment.

Controllable rejection methods
Singular gives you complete control over how to take action on fraud. Turn on and off preset rejection rules or create custom rules to reject or flag fraudulent installs.

Advanced, flexible reporting
Singular offers the same powerful reporting to quickly investigate both rejected and suspicious traffic sources, and drill down to the publisher, campaign, geo, and site level.

Transparency of protected assets
Singular provides complete transparency of all your reporting. Understand where and how your app is being targeted by fraudsters and see how your ROI is being protected.

Visualization of fraud metrics
Singular gives you clean and easy-to-analyze fraud insights with graphical representation of the fraud metrics that matter to you such as rejected installs and cost savings.

We are dedicated to combatting fraud and have engineers working around the clock to understand the latest fraud threats and implement the best prevention methods available. In our research we have uncovered the current state of mobile ad fraud prevention and the percent prevalence of each type of fraud, as well as the top 20 least fraudulent networks.

Find out what to be aware of and where to keep your budgets focused for the most quality users.

Get more information about Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite and request a demo today!

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