Crushing mobile marketing during coronavirus: Learning from Riot Games, BetBull, LifeLock, Gas Pedal Growth, BEAT

By John Koetsier July 20, 2020

2020 is a lot of things, and not many of them are great.

But one thing that 2020 is teaching us is that no matter what happens, we can work, collaborate, and win together … even when we are cities, countries, or even continents apart. Consumer behavior has changed and our new normal has some major downsides, but with Zoom and Slack, we’re figuring it out.

And with — for mobile marketers — Singular.

That’s a big claim, but the reality is that thousands of mobile marketers still need to run high-volume user acquisition campaigns while working from their home offices.

Or their kitchen tables.

I expected Riot’s first mobile game launch to come with a unique set of challenges, but I did not expect one of those challenges to be doing a global launch from my kitchen table. Having the Singular team acting as an extension of our own, being available non-stop for our support needs, and helping to make sure we are set up for success was crucial to the success of my team.

– Cody Christie, Senior Manager, Riot Games

Riot Games has more than 20 global offices and 2,500 employees. They run League of Legends, which has over 100 million players and is perennially a billion-dollar title in annual revenue, and many other games. This is not a small company, and the challenges of keeping multiple teams on the same page when you’re never face-to-face are real.

Keeping up the support is essential. But so is having a common source of ground truth for ROAS, costs, and the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Also important?

Simplifying marketing and streamlining the inevitable challenges of managing complex data flows. Which, of course, is critical for extracting intelligent insights from vast amounts of performance marketing data.

That’s something marketing agency Gas Pedal Growth is very familiar with and is still doing in our new normal post-coronavirus times:

Singular has helped cut down on data engineering needs to give speed-to-insights with a full-funnel performance of marketing analytics. It’s helped me streamline workflows and ease how we do reporting.

– Jason Dalrymple, Growth Consulting, Gas Pedal Growth

Gas Pedal Growth helps companies launch apps, optimize strategy, fuel organic growth through cross-promotion and retention marketing, and manage paid user acquisition that delivers results. Singular is one of the tools that simplifies and accelerates that process … even when there’s no office to go in to.

Speed is particularly important during the coronavirus shutdown when consumer behavior is changing so rapidly.

As we’ve seen in our coronavirus mobile marketing reports, the pandemic has resulted in wild swings in activity: fast bursts of organic growth, steep changes in paid marketing activity, and alterations in normal acquisition and retention behavior.

We’ve seen an increase in betting behavior on all sorts of different activities as sports shut down in the first half of 2020, and BetBull needed extreme flexibility in order to adjust in near real-time. Which is exactly what they got with Singular:

We wanted speed to insights so we could react quickly to shifts in performance and that’s exactly what we get with Singular.

– Paul Archer, Head of Marketing, BetBull

Of course, online betting and casino games were not the only categories that saw massive disruption. The “new normal” was even more challenging for transportation, ridesharing, and taxi industries, requiring even more frequent starts, stops, and pivots.

Just ask BEAT:

We’re currently running over 125 campaigns across a dozen sources on one client … automated alerts have been key in monitoring sudden changes in campaign ROI as the advertising landscape and world in general changes from day to day.

– Joey Hinojosa, Digital Media Manager, BEAT

125 campaigns over 12 sources is not easy to manage without significant technological help, which Hinojosa had with Singular. And, of course, that’s just one client among many.

Identify theft and security provider Lifelock, now owned by Symantec, needed quick insights on marketing results. That’s important at any time. It’s extra-critical — and extra high-pressure — during a pandemic, when it’s not clear where our entire global economy is going.

Singular helps us get our marketing analytics team up to speed quickly and gives us a great understanding of what is exactly happening with our marketing spend and what we’re getting out of it.

– Cole Mercer, former Director of Growth, LifeLock

Timely and actionable data is the key to managing a crisis.

And it’s also the key to not just checking-the-box, but actually being world-class. To have best-in-industry marketing results. To beating competitors in cost of acquisition, retention, and monetization. That’s what BetBull is focused on, and what we’re committed to enabling.

Working with Singular, we have a shot at being best-in-class rather than just finding a solution that works. We throw things at their team saying, “let’s try and approach this together” and they are very responsive.

– Paul Archer, BetBull

Many of us had plans for 2020 that didn’t include coronavirus. But by March, they were about as useful as tickets to a cruise in May.

Our hope and our goal is that Singular is the platform that enables you to continue to do your job with excellence and some degree of ease, even with coronavirus. We’re all looking forward to post-coronavirus times when consumer behavior returns to normal.

Until then — and even after then, of course — we’ve got your back.

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