Singular is now an AWS for Advertising & Marketing official featured partner

By Susan Kuo December 1, 2022

We’re happy to report that Singular is now an official featured partner in Amazon’s AWS Partners for Ad Platforms program. The goal: helping customers handle unprecedented data loads effectively and efficiently, while maintaining complete protection of consumer data. And, of course, make data integrations and availability as simple and painless as possible.

That is something Singular has a huge amount of experience in, and it’s critical for customers who need global scale.

As Amazon puts it:

“For customers looking to accelerate time to market, the AWS Partner Network (APN) has partner offerings for running ultra-low latency workloads operating at millions of requests per second.”

AWS helps brands, media publishers, agencies, and technology companies to more easily connect with partners and accelerate time to market across their key solution areas. AWS for Advertising & Marketing includes new functionality for data clean rooms with new privacy-enhancing features which will be available in preview shortly, as well as privacy-safe identify resolution features that will help customers match records they might have from different channels.

The goal: making it simple for brands to access the best technology for marketing and advertising success.

“Customers in the advertising and marketing industry have been seeking new ways to interoperate with their partners while protecting consumer data and reducing heavy lifting from their engineering teams,” said Tim Barnes, director of solutions for advertising & marketing technology at AWS. “With the launch of AWS Clean Rooms and AWS for Advertising & Marketing, AWS customers now have a broad set of solutions that make it easier for them to securely collaborate together, operate cost effectively at petabyte scale and millisecond latency, and innovate more quickly in areas like advertising measurement and customer experience.”

The five core areas within AWS for Advertising & Marketing are:

  1. Audience & customer data management
  2. Privacy-enhanced data collection
  3. Ad intelligence & measurement
  4. Ad platforms
  5. Digital experience management

At Singular, we’re happy to offer our industry-leading marketing measurement wherever customers need it. AWS is a huge component in making our solution globally available and scalable.

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Find more information on the program in Amazon’s announcement.

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