Leveling up ad monetization: Introducing support for device-level revenue data from MAX by AppLovin

By Saadi Muslu June 18, 2020

The revenue-generating power of ad monetization isn’t anything new for mobile publishers. On Monday, Apple shared that $45B was generated by in-app advertising just last year. And with people spending more time in apps, particularly gaming apps, ad monetization remains resilient to the impacts of COVID.

Granular ad revenue is critical to informed user acquisition

But as with anything, executing a lucrative ad monetization strategy isn’t a walk in the park. Historically, user acquisition teams struggled to get the granular data needed to calculate their campaigns’ “True ROI” — return on investment calculation that accounts for both in-app purchase revenue and ad revenue. This hindered marketers from being able to make informed decisions about the actual performance of their campaigns as ROI could look completely different once you factor ad revenue into the calculation.

“Granularity is critical in mobile ad monetization,” says Singular COO and Co-founder Susan Kuo. “Understanding the relative ad revenue generated per user helps mobile publishers optimize their apps for maximum results. It also helps them improve user experience by making decisions that can minimize irrelevant and wasted ads.”

MAX unlocks device-level revenue data

Singular has been providing ad monetization reporting for a few years with support for a variety of partners, including ironSource, MoPub, Soomla, and AdMob.

Now, AppLovin is providing revenue data to mobile app publishers for every single user through MAX. This is extremely powerful!

With this data, you can understand the ad-based life-time value of your users. That’s increasingly important because just 2% of mobile app users are converting to paying customers via in-app purchases.

Haven’t thought about testing MAX yet? Here are just a few reasons you should:

  • In-app bidding at scale enables advertisers to bid simultaneously in an unbiased and competitive auction for every impression driving higher an LTV for publishers.
  • Visibility into user ad revenue for each impression to optimize towards true ROI.
  • A/B testing in a few clicks powered by real-time analytics to drive continuous revenue lifts for each app.
  • Cohort analysis lets you view the lifecycle of your users. Monitor LTV, ROI, and engagement by cohort.

Singular + MAX = Better Together

We are excited to announce our new granular ad revenue integration with MAX by AppLovin. The combination of MAX’s device-level ad revenue data with Singular’s proficiency to connect that ad revenue to in-app purchase data and acquisition cost unlocks the most accurate and complete view of your true ROI yet.


This is a game-changer for User Acquisition and Monetization teams alike:

  • User Acquisition teams can finally account for Ad Revenue in their ROI formula.
  • With the ability to see the true ROI figures – User Acquisition Managers will be able to make better decisions about the actual performance of their campaigns and channels and scale their marketing efforts efficiently and more intelligently. Channels and campaigns that you thought had a specific ROI could look completely different once we factor Ad Revenue into the ROI calculation.
  • A centralized snapshot of all your Ad Revenue enables better insights and scaling app ad revenue down to the placement level.
  • Streamline work with finance, and have a true end-to-end view of your marketing profit and loss.

The result: better data precision, more accurate and complete LTV models, superior user acquisition and monetization strategies, and ultimately, the potential to earn more revenue – all of it, of course, right inside your Singular dashboard.

Granular ad revenue data from MAX is now supported in our User Acquisition ROI reports and is easily accessible through our ETL product directly to your warehouse. Want to run and measure multiple mediation partners simultaneously? No worries! We support all of them, so measure away. 😊

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