Redefining mobile and web attribution standards

The main reason we decided to partner with Singular was to overhaul our tracking and measurement which was not good enough in the past and we’re doing it.
Maria Victória Miranda
Director of Marketing
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    diversification of marketing efforts by tracking organic and non-paid campaigns

What is Offerwise?

Offerwise is a global provider of consumer insights, with over 16 years of experience in online market research. With solutions that span web and mobile apps, Offerwise is the industry’s most advanced DIY quantitative and qualitative research platform, providing full end-to-end research services and access to 10 million respondents across 20 countries.

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The Offerwise Challenge

The Offerwise team has used Singular’s mobile attribution solution since 2021 after migrating from Branch, their former provider. Maria Miranda, the Director of Marketing at Offerwise, first knew they needed a new mobile attribution solution when she was reviewing their user engagement data and was working with developers to improve the app user experience. They were trying to determine how they could increase retention, but their mobile attribution solution lacked long cohorted data and event tracking capabilities that kept them from zeroing in on areas for improvement within the app.

We used to work Branch, but our campaign data didn’t have the visibility we wanted. We had a goal to increase user retention, but we hit barriers when we couldn’t see what our users did after they downloaded our app. We couldn’t see any post-install events like completed registrations or survey completion numbers. We needed a better solution that could provide complete visibility into our full user path.”

“We didn’t even have uninstall data which seems pretty basic, so we knew we needed to move on.” Maria and the team turned to Singular once they officially decided their current solution was not able to meet their measurement needs. Offerwise was originally looking for an MMP to help only with their mobile attribution, but after years of successful partnership with Singular, it became clear that Offerwise had additional measurement challenges that needed Singular’s help. The marketing team was working to diversify their overall marketing strategy, expand channels, and focus on their web measurement.

With its web focus, Offerwise couldn’t reconcile web campaign data which had trickling impacts. They couldn’t execute marketing efforts, forecast, or build out further strategies. “The problem was our [web] numbers didn’t match with the other platforms. From our internal CRM, to Facebook, to Google Ads – each platform had its own numbers that just didn’t make sense and we needed help.”

Challenges that led Offerwise to look for another MMP:

Couldn’t track in-app event data past install

Measurement data lacked visibility to the full user journey

Language barriers between Offerwise and Branch

Very limited customer service and support from Branch

Why Singular?

Maria and her team didn’t have a single source of web measurement to rely on which led to a lot of deep-dive solutioning discussions with the Singular team to understand their needs and the best path forward for Offerwise’s web growth.

Singular presented Offerwise with the opportunity to test its web attribution solution over a 2-month trial which made the offer hard to refuse. With a trial, Offerwise could make sure all their needs were met and prove to executive stakeholders that expanding the partnership was the right move.

During the 2-month trial:

  • “We implemented the web SDK and the numbers were making sense.”
  • “Our CSM walked us through the web reporting and helped us with data expectations which gave us a good foundation to start working with.”
  • “When we weren’t sure how to do something we could always count on our CSM and everyone at Singular who works with us to help guide us. And we didn’t have that support with our other provider so it’s really important to us now.”

While the trial tested the accuracy and reliability of the web attribution technology, it was also a training-intensive period for Maria and her team. Singular’s LATAM CSM and support team invested many training hours to ensure Offerwise felt confident in reading the data and navigating the platform.

Key reasons for choosing Singular:

A cross-platform measurement solution to meet their app and web needs

Mobile and web SDKs enabled Offerwise to reconcile spend and event tracking

Increased user journey visibility with improved in-app event tracking

Superior customer support with localized communication and regional team

The Singular Solution

Regionalized support made a huge difference during the implementation process with the greater Offerwise team. “The developers we have don’t speak English so the language barrier was one of many problems we had with Branch. It’s great that Singular has this multicultural team to help support their clients.”

Aside from the support we get from the team, what’s crucial for us is the amount of data you can get, and the ability to track the full user journey. The mobile and web SDK give us the visibility we need for our web and in-app events.

Offerwise has been a mobile attribution client since 2021 and officially signed on for Singular’s web attribution and cross-device reporting in Fall of 2023 after a successful and educational 2-month trial of the web SDK and reporting.

Other features that Offerwise relies on:

  • “The other features that we like and utilize a lot are the web tracking links that we create to track paid campaigns and owned channels like social.”
  • “The export logs also unlock a lot of granular metadata that we like to dive into and leverage when we’re troubleshooting.”
  • The last can’t-live-without feature for Maria is Singular’s Dashboards which allow her to customize how she visualizes data and what data set she wants to look at like SKAN, creative, fraud, mobile, web, and cross-device data etc. “Stakeholders don’t love scanning through long reports, so the dashboards are perfect for creating graphs and other visualizations for quick insight updates or presentations.”

Offerwise + Singular = Success

With their complete measurement overhaul on mobile and web, Maria is excited to ground her team in measurement and looks forward to the incremental gains they can achieve in team efficiencies by getting to know the Singular platform and features even better. Maria knows that being a Singular expert will allow them to unlock even more value for their marketing program.

“The main reason we decided to partner with Singular is to overhaul our tracking and measurement which was not good enough in the past and we’ve achieved that goal.”

3 years ago Offerwise wasn’t able to track any events past their mobile install with Branch, and today, with Singular, they have added tracking support for 10+ events across their mobile, web, and SKAN campaigns.

Vision for the future

The Offerwise team is small and tight on resources so their decision to migrate attribution solutions and systematically improve measurement across every platform was a big decision. Ultimately the the improvement they saw across the board with their event measurement and data access far outweighed any cost of migration.

“I’m currently training someone who will be dedicated to analyzing our measurement data and navigating all of Singular’s features. The goal is for them to discover everything that Singular has to offer because I know there is so much more value to take advantage of.”

In the future Maria wants Offerwise to tackle cross-platform measurement and look at how they can tie their user journey together with Singular’s cross-device report and attribution.

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