New guide: How to run high-performance user acquisition on iOS with SKAdNetwork

By John Koetsier May 20, 2022
  • User acquisition on iOS is broken
  • Overall return on investment is down 38%, and spend is still down by 25%
  • But there is a solution

Privacy isn’t going anywhere, and rightfully so. App Tracking Transparency and SKAdNetwork are here to stay, and while they will likely add new features over time to help marketers optimize user acquisition campaigns, we are never going back to the device ID free-for-all that enabled permissionless tracking and measurement.

At the same time, the reality is that user acquisition on iOS is still largely broken.

Not only has it been challenging for marketers to adapt to the new realities, fundamental metrics and data that advertisers need to run, measure, and optimize campaigns are simply missing. We see the results every day in inefficient campaigns and suboptimal ROI.

Getting expert at SKAdNetwork

So what’s the solution?

Getting expert at using SKAN … and picking the right tool that makes it possible. That’s precisely why we wrote Singular’s brand-new SKAN guide. We call it High-performance UA on iOS using SKAN: How to make it work.

Singular recently released SKAN Advanced Analytics, a new set of features and capabilities that fix the fundamental problems inherent in SKAdNetwork. In a brutally concise way, the SKAN guide walks through each of 7 major problems marketers face when using SKAdNetwork to accomplish attribution.

They are:

  1. missing data
  2. randomized timing of postbacks
  3. limited conversion data,
  4. limited time for conversion value updates
  5. limited campaign attributes
  6. complex conversion value encoding
  7. missing cohorts

The guide explains each problem, details the impact, and then outlines a simple and clear solution for every one.

The solution is using SKAN Advanced Analytics

The solution is using SKAN Advanced Analytics to enrich campaign data, decode conversion values to KPIs, estimate performance even when there’s missing data due to privacy thresholds, and provide usable cohorts for long-term LTV and ROAS calculation.

SKAN Advanced Analytics builds on sophisticated data science, modeling, and machine learning to provide reliable and actionable information. The results are impressive: 87% D7 revenue accuracy on average for clients who beta-tested it.

But don’t take our word for it:

“At Space Sheep Games, we depend on a consolidated view of revenue from in-app ads and IAP to understand ROAS. Partnering with Singular has been super valuable as they are at the forefront of the changes in the market.”

Rene Retz, CEO of Space Sheep Games

Growth marketers from Qiiwi Games, Rovio, Space Sheep Games and many more mobile publishers are finding ways to get the near real-time predictive data they need to optimize campaigns on the fly, and the sophisticated conversion models they need to capture all revenue, regardless of source, and calculate ROAS in ways they previously couldn’t.

“Our strategy has been to embrace the change in paradigm, turn this disruption into an opportunity to grow our business, and build a future-proof UA infrastructure. Singular has undoubtedly been instrumental in helping us pioneer the new ways of running acquisition.”

Kieran O’Leary, COO, Rovio

The result is performance mobile marketing at scale and speed that works for marketers and maintains full and complete compliance with Apple guidelines. In other words, privacy-safe marketing measurement that doesn’t suck.

How to get started

Get the guide here.

You’ll be able to scan it in a few minutes, recognize the challenges, and identify the solutions you need for your growth campaigns. Then you can request a demo and get personalized insight into how SKAN Advanced Analytics can help you deliver the growth you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

“Collecting and analyzing data from SKAdNetwork can quickly become a time-consuming pain. Singular’s SKAdNetwork suite has helped us improve significantly. We’ve been able to optimize data collection and BI models to match our needs and to accurately predict future revenues.”

Marcus Dale, CTO of Qiiwi Games

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