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DGN Games hits the jackpot with 85% growth YoY

By Saadi Muslu November 30, 2018

#1 fastest growing social casino game

85% growth YoY

15 hrs saved per week

Singular has been a gamechanger for our growth efforts and has become an integral part of our marketing stack. They provided us with a comprehensive solution to analyze our marketing funnel, and was key to becoming the fastest growing social casino company in the industry.

– Uriel Shklanovsky, VP of Marketing at DGN Games

DGN Games is the fastest-growing company in the Social Casino vertical with hit-titles Old Vegas and Lucky Time Slots. DGN Games bases its success on a combination of state-of-the-art technologies, in-depth industry knowledge, and top-notch gaming content.

Lucky Time Slots
Lucky Time Slots, a casino gaming app by DGN Games

Their story

The team at DGN needed to aggressively scale their User Acquisition (UA) efforts while ensuring a profitable ROI. However, achieving massive scale efficiently isn’t something you can leave to luck; it takes the right strategy, people, and tools.

In order to build out a winning strategy and optimize their campaigns efficiently, the UA team required both a high-level view of their overall program’s performance as well as granular insights for optimizations. This critical need was proving to be extremely time-consuming and costly for DGN’s BI team to undertake.

Their solution

DGN placed their bets with Singular! The team leveraged Singular to aggregate, standardize, and analyze their campaign analytics across all of their apps and +10 media sources in a single platform. Singular empowered the team to expose insights, such as publisher level ROI, and ultimately enabled faster and smarter optimizations. Additionally, the team exported their insights, such as cohorted KPIs by App and Source, from Singular to leverage in their internal BI systems, freeing up precious BI resources.

One of the most valuable capabilities for the team was being able to create tailored reports with Custom Dimensions. Custom Dimensions combines specific attributions to create new values. In DGN’s case, they combined select platforms to report on Desktop (Canvas, Web, Mixed) vs. Mobile (iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS, Android, Amazon, Blackberry).

Thumb-stopping creatives are key to engaging and acquiring users, especially for social casino companies. Singular’s Creative Reporting enabled DGN to compare image and video performance across all their media sources, and use the learnings to influence the development
of future creative assets, whether it be to iterate on current assets or test new concepts. The savvy team at DGN also leveraged Creative Clustering to automatically group creative performance by asset attributes like theme and color via image recognition technology.

Their results

“Jackpot! With the help of Singular, the innovative team at DGN Games became the fastest growing social casino company, growing a massive 85% YoY*. #winning

From an efficiency standpoint, the team was able to save ~15 hours a week that they previously spent aggregating campaign analytics from multiple media sources into a single reporting view. They’re now allocating that time savings to constantly test and optimize their creative, audience, and overall UA strategy. We’re very proud of DGN’s impressive growth and honored to be a partner in their success.

* Source: Social Casino Gaming Tracker – 2Q18 Report by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming

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