It’s Official — Apsalar Joins Singular!

By Gadi Eliashiv June 27, 2017

When we started Singular three years ago, it seemed obvious to us that the fragmented world of digital marketing needed a connective tissue. Hence, our name, Singular, would serve as a constant reminder of our mission: To build a single marketing analytics platform that unites all your disparate data feeds, enabling marketers to do their jobs more efficiently and more effectively.

So we set out to help marketers connect, measure and optimize siloed data from any marketing data source. That included media partners, lifecycle management tools and attribution and analytics solutions, both in-house and third-party. We invented new technologies to enable robust partner integrations, data enrichment algorithms, mapping layers and more. Each component was necessary to provide marketers with better access to their data, no matter its origin or format, and to expose valuable insights that drive ROI. By doing so we created a unique technology that has helped our customers, some of the world’s best marketers, achieve success.

Right from the day we founded Singular, we knew that connecting rich marketing data to user behavior data would be a game-changer for our customers. Without this connection, marketers are being robbed of their right to understand the full customer journey. To make matters worse, this problem could never be solved with today’s technology because of the way mobile attribution systems are built, as well as the walled gardens and data silos in our industry. To overcome this challenge, we needed to once again invent new technology — which first required incorporating a native mobile attribution stack right into Singular.

Enter Apsalar, a leading provider of mobile attribution and user-level audience management. I connected with Michael, Apsalar’s CEO and Co-Founder, about six months ago. We both agreed that today’s marketing systems aren’t well integrated, preventing marketers from getting a complete view of their customers’ journeys. We also agreed that if a single platform could finally link marketing and customer data, it would dramatically improve marketers’ abilities to drive higher ROI.

Fast forward to today and I am thrilled to share that Singular and Apsalar are joining forces!

After months of meetings and a lot of hard work, our teams have completed the successful merger of our technologies. Our unified company and product will operate under the Singular brand and will provide our customers with the first marketing analytics platform that is truly end to end, breaking down data silos that cost marketers time and money.

The combined platform unlocks a host of new capabilities for marketers to expose deeper, more meaningful insights on their performance and act on those insights with far greater efficiency. Those capabilities include:

  • The Most Advanced Data Collection Engine. Collect and standardize marketing data from social channels, ad networks, marketing clouds, lifecycle management platforms, data warehouses, and other marketing analytics systems — to expose deeper data across every customer touchpoint.
  • True ROI Analysis. Singular is the only platform capable of connecting marketing data with user behavior data to expose the most granular and accurate ROI data, from channel, country, campaign and publisher-level ROI — down to user-level ROI.
  • A Best-In-Class Analytics Product Built for Marketers. Slice and dice your data across every dimension so you can analyze marketing performance, manage marketing budgets, optimize creative assets, and create user-level segments with automatic real-time distribution to any third-party system.
  • Complete Partner Data. Singular is an official Mobile Measurement Partner of Facebook, App Attribution Partner with Google, Pinterest Marketing Partner, Snap Measurement Partner and Twitter Official Mobile App Tracking Partner.

Beyond the value of our game-changing platform, I am also excited to announce that our presence around the globe has doubled. With offices in US, Israel, Germany, United Kingdom, India and Japan, and with over 120 dedicated Singular team members, we are here to serve you faster and better than ever before.

To our customers and partners, I want to take a moment to thank you for your partnership and loyalty over the last several years. You guys are amazing, and we are so lucky to work with such bright and fun people! I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish together and I am also humbled because none of this would have been possible without your commitment and partnership. Our relationships have shaped us into the company we are today, so thank you!

Today’s announcement is just the beginning. I can’t wait to unveil some of the innovations and new products that we are already working on in the new unified platform. Stay tuned!

Gadi Eliashiv
CEO & Co-Founder

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