Holiday Reading Recommendations 2021

By Saadi Muslu December 23, 2021

As we switch off for the holidays and head into the end of year, we’re all looking forward to some well deserved time off! 

Whether you’re spending time with family and friends, staycationing by the fireplace, or hiking in the sunshine, we’ve got you covered.

Taking inspiration from our Singular team, and incredible industry leaders, we’ve compiled a list of suggested holiday reads (and for those who prefer to listen, we’ve thrown in some podcasts for good measure) to help you pass the time.

Is your reading pleasure for professional development? Industry insights? Personal growth? or a good old fashioned casual read? We’ve made sure to include recommendations for all of the above, so dive into your next favorite read and let us know some of your must-have titles!

Author’s note: This list is a compilation of recommendations we’ve received from industry experts and fellow colleagues. We’ve added links for your convenience, however, it is by no means an endorsement of the websites, authors, or publishing companies. 

Professional Development

Want to hone in on those management skills? Learn how to diversify your team in the most inclusive way? Understand the best way to be more efficient? Try out some of these! 

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Recommendation by our CCO, Noa Shaul:

The Authority Gap by Mary Ann Sieghart


Life Lessons 

Interested in learning from history makers? Diving into inspiring stories from around the world? These recs are for you! 

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Recommendation by our CEO, Gadi Eliashiv:

The Daily by New York Times 


Personal Growth

What better time to work on yourself than the new year? Develop, learn new habits, and invest in yourself with some of these wisdom-filled titles

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Recommendation by our CGO, Ron Konigsberg:

No Rules Rules by Reed Hastings and Eric Meyer 


Casual Reading

Ok ok, sometimes you just want to cuddle by the fireplace (or lounge at the beach) and immerse yourself in the fictional life of someone else. We’ve got you covered!

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Recommendation by our journalist, John Koetsier:

The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov 


Industry Must-Reads

Last but not least, we couldn’t call ourselves marketers if we didn’t share a list of industry must-reads from 2021. Books, podcasts, guides, we have it all! 

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Recommendation by our CTO, Eran Friedman:

Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda 


We hope that this list helps you through the holiday season (and maybe even those down-time moments in the year ahead).

As always, Singular is here to offer the insights you need on ad performance, creative optimizations, and growing your business with better marketing performance insights! Chat with one of our experts! 

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