5 Struggles of a UA Manager

By John Koetsier August 15, 2018

If you’ve worked in mobile advertising, you know that user acquisition (UA) is no easy feat. UA managers face a lot of challenges in their day-to-day, and we consider it our job to make their lives easier. Read on to learn about the top 5 struggles of today’s UA managers, and how they overcome those challenges.

1: Connecting fragmented data

On average, advertisers are running campaigns on 20 or more networks. But each network uses a unique taxonomy and hierarchy in their reporting. This normally means the UA manager is spending hours in spreadsheets trying to standardize and aggregate a slew of reports just to get a side by side analysis. It’s enough to drive you mad.


Enter Singular: Our marketing analytics platform helps you connect fragmented data and perform side by side analyses by automating the collection and standardization of your data across all media sources. Singular even auto-detects data discrepancies before they throw off your analytical groove. We’ll do the heavy lifting (aka turning data into actionable insights) so that you can get to the good stuff, like improving your audience or creative strategies.

2: Uncovering ROI at granular levels

Imagine that you’re running a successful ad campaign, but you’re not sure which element of the campaign is really bringing you wins. Are you scoring well in a particular country? Is one variation of your ad creative outperforming a different version? Is one of your publishers raking in the cash or is it another? You need to dig deep down into the data and get the most granular view possible to understand where you’re doing well – and where you aren’t.

We know that ROI is your bottom line. It’s our’s, too. A huge focus of our efforts are dedicated to efficiently combining attribution and marketing data to uncover ROI down to the Creative and Keyword levels so that marketers can leave the manual work behind and focus on hitting their goals. When our customers have a clear view of all of their marketing data, it makes it easy for them to drill down to the most granular levels possible, and take home the valuable insights they need to win.

3: Combating fraud and feeling confident in your data

Fraudsters diverted over $6.5B away from the advertising ecosystem last year. That number is only going to increase as their tactics continue to evolve and bypass traditional prevention methods. But somehow, 63% of mobile advertisers are not actively using fraud prevention in their attribution systems. How can you be sure that you aren’t being taken advantage of by fraudsters?

It takes a lot of smart proactive and reactive work to protect your assets against the efforts of fraudsters.

Fortunately, Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite is the most sophisticated product on the market today. We’ll show you where and when fraud is taking place, proactively reject fraudulent clicks, installs, and events, and give you complete control over the way you want to take action on fraudulent activity. Plus, our methods for combating fraud are constantly adapting to new forms so you can feel confident in your data.

4: Help Finance reconcile marketing spend

UA managers need a healthy marketing budget to work with. But how do you ensure you get this? By proving to Finance that you know how to spend your budget wisely and that you can produce profit for the company. But how can you do this if you aren’t 100% confident in the accuracy and reliability of your data?

At Singular, we pride ourselves on the authenticity and verifiability of the data we present. This is in part due to the use of our proprietary API that acts as a solid line of defense against data loss. Other providers get marketing data from tracking links, which are imperfect and subject to breaking – resulting in the UA team on the other end never receiving the spend data they’re looking for. When you use Singular, our API takes a second pass at retrieving data even when your links fail.

5: Directing your design team on what assets are performing

Killer creatives are absolutely essential to a successful marketing strategy, but a great creative that works for some audiences won’t necessarily work for others. How do you ensure you’re serving the most engaging creatives imaginable to your targeted audience? And how do you set up your designers with the information they need to create those breakthrough ads? It can be a dizzying problem.

With Singular’s Creative Reporting, UA teams can learn a lot about what they’re doing right with their ads. Through our advanced reporting tool, marketers can measure ad fatigue, the effectiveness of creative variations per demographic, the difference in performance of minute changes to creative such as font color, and much more.

All these struggles are a huge pain for UA teams, but they don’t have to be. With the right partners and tools in place, marketers can reduce the headaches caused by these problems and get down to the work they really care about. If you’re interested in the solutions we have, request a demo!

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