Web-to-app user acquisition: Key learnings from Riot Games, DraftKings, and Google

By John Koetsier September 18, 2020

iOS 14 may have started you thinking about web-to-app user acquisition flows, but some of the top user acquisition experts on the planet have been there for years now. In many cases, they may have properties on both web and app, but they also see huge opportunities for mobile-only or mobile-first brands.

Web-to-app user acquisition is pretty new for many mobile marketers, who have focused on app-to-app conversions. But web-to-app is actually massive, with some marketers getting a third or more of their mobile users via initial engagements on the web. And there’s a lot of creativity you can put into web-based mobile user acquisition: it’s not just about an iOS 14 IDFA end-run.

Far from it.

So to dig in just a bit deeper and share how other marketers can explore web-to-app, we asked Riot Games, DraftKings, and Google to share their insights.

Those insights are now available on-demand in a fast-paced webinar.

And here’s a sneak peek: just a few of the key insights from Alexandra Whitaker, who is Google’s Global Product Lead for mobile ads, Cody Christie, who User Acquisition Lead at Riot Games, and Jim Perry, DraftKings’ Director of Analytics. They‘re also joined by Alon Nafta, Singular’s Vice President of Product.

On why to focus on web-to-app user acquisition:

“Not to simplify too much, but you know, that’s where the people are.”
Jim Perry, Director of Analytics, DraftKings

Is it cheaper to acquire mobile users via the web?

“There’s also a lot of benefits to providing a lower investment way of starting people down the conversion funnel on our product …”
Jim Perry, Director of Analytics, DraftKings

Is web-to-app marketing effective?

“We’ve actually seen 2X conversions for advertisers driving users from web into app… Companies who have invested in improving mobile experiences have seen three digit growth in mobile conversions …”
Alexandra Whitaker, Global Product Lead, Mobile Ads, Google

Do mobile users acquired by the web monetize well?

“60% of global consumers are likely to make an in-app purchase in an app they downloaded during the pandemic.”
Alexandra Whitaker, Global Product Lead, Mobile Ads, Google


“Web to app has continued to be both incremental and ROI positive for us. So there’s been no reason to stop …”
Cody Christie, User Acquisition Lead, Riot Games

What percentage of your user acquisition is via web-to-app?

“So depending on our product, it can be between 30 and 50%.”
Jim Perry, Director of Analytics, DraftKings

Why does web-to-app matter?

“Getting insights into these cross platform journeys is critical for businesses to predict customer needs and provide great experiences …”
Alexandra Whitaker, Global Product Lead, Mobile Ads, Google

How does deep linking fit in?

“We’ve seen that deeplinked ad experiences drive 2X the conversion rates.”
Alexandra Whitaker, Global Product Lead, Mobile Ads, Google

And of course, there’s more, including:

  • Top tips from each marketer
  • Gotchas that you have to watch out for
  • Strategic focus from a channel perspective
  • How measurement works in web-to-app
  • The three distinct web-to-app channels
  • Where to drive traffic
  • What’s different about running UA on the web?
  • Organizational challenges to avoid
  • And much, much more …

To get all the insight and see if web-to-app might make sense for you, you can access the webinar right here.

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