Your questions answered: IDFA, SKAdNetwork, iOS 14, and mobile attribution

By John Koetsier January 19, 2021

We just learned that 87% of mobile marketers are not ready for a post-IDFA future.

(You might be one of them.)

But chances are that even if you have an iOS 14 plan and you’ve started implementing SKAdNetwork, you’re testing it with your ad networks, you know how to define your conversion models and your KPIs, you’ve built a conversion management system, and you can see, slice, and dice all your iOS postbacks and post-install conversion data in one place … you still have a few questions.

Which is why we’re doing an ask-me-anything webinar this week on exactly these topics.

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And we’re bringing the big guns, too. Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv isn’t just a tech bro in a corner office: he’s been working on a post-IDFA future since summer 2019 – literally since June 14, 2019 — and led Singular to be the first MMP to announce full SKAdNetwork support. He’ll be sharing his insight along with growth expert and mobile marketing thought leader Yevgeny Peres, from ironSource.

And I’ll be asking the questions.

We have a number of them already, and I’ll share them below. But you might have more, submit your questions after registering to join the webinar and we’ll add them to the list.

Here are the questions so far:

  1. How do you think we can solve for the long time before we will get the data?
  2. How do you foresee probabilistic matching evolving as SKAN limits the data (IP, location, etc.) that they share on users?
  3. How can we calculate LTV and ROI?
  4. How can I track revenue after a 7-day free trial in my app? And, what percentage can I assume that I am losing after the change?
  5. How should mobile gaming companies be thinking about the value of PII in the future?
  6. What exactly needs to be disclosed in the opt-in notice to customers … specifically what non-MMP consent needs to be disclosed?
  7. Looking at iOS and IDFA, what do you think of any possible events for Android in the future?
  8. What are the alternatives?
  9. Any support for App Clips?
  10. Are there any tried and tested methods on how to increase user opt-in that will allow apps to track the user IDFA?
  11. Will the ad requests/impressions with user IDFA turn out to be more valuable post-IDFA?
  12. What are the possibilities that post-IDFA alternative tracking solutions (similar to IDFA, like app ID or other such identifiers) will be adapted industry-wide? Do you have any prospects in mind?
  13. Will this give more control to the market rather than Apple/Google?
  14. Do you see big players dictating conversion schemas for the rest of the networks?
  15. What is your interpretation of the importance of asking to track … and testing it in advance of enforcement?
  16. Will Apple enforce the fingerprinting ban? If so, how?
  17. How will probabilistic attribution be done?
  18. What is a mechanism that assures positive ROI? And high ROI?
  19. Will attribution be based on ATT? How will the attribution work within Apple’s limitations?
  20. What should in-house data science solutions focus on?
  21. What’s your take on SKAdNetwork opening up to view-through attribution?
  22. Will waterfall or instant bid monetization strategies still be effective? Should we place all our efforts within just one attribution platform?
  23. HELP!
    (Seriously, this is from a mobile marketer. Kept it with the others for the sake of your emotional wellbeing: you’re not alone!)
  24. How will app-to-web attribution work without an IDFA?
  25. How will web-to-app attribution work with different MMPs?
    (This and the above question were not from the same marketer; I’ve grouped them simply because they are related.)
  26. What should small studios do?
  27. How do we design a friendly ATT UI?
  28. When do you feel Google could do this for Android?
  29. Will SKAdNetwork be available for the kids category in the App Store? Or will it also be banned, like IDFA?
  30. What effect will IDFA have on mobile game ad creatives that are a part of user acquisition campaigns? In order words, how should mobile game marketers adjust the advertising and creative strategies?
  31. With the new Apple SKAdNetwork framework, can I send in-app events to my MMP with parameters such as username, email, other user data for internal use only?
  32. How would you anticipate the iOS update would affect online advertising?
  33. When will Apple activate the new iOS 14 IDFA changes? How can we know that?
  34. Facebook is being pretty great at talking about and educating clients on its solution, but we’re hearing nothing from Google, Twitter, Snapchat and other major digital channels. Are you aware of (and able to talk about) what these guys are up to and then how that might work with an MMP like yours?

It will be nothing short of amazing if we will be able to cover all of these questions in one webinar, but what we can promise is that we’ll answer as many as we can live, and will share our responses after, and will ensure that everyone who signed up will get the info they need.

Which essentially means … you should sign up now!

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