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Your 4-session crash course with the industry’s top thought leaders on iOS marketing.  Hear how other companies have successfully navigated and scaled growth with SKAN. Get your notebook ready so you can hit the ground running in 2024.

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John Koetsier

Senior Contributor

Edouard Favier

User Acquisition Director

Vanessa Simmons

Ad Operations, Senior Team Lead

Noah Gerard-Grossman

Programmatic Team Leader

Become an expert on iOS user acquisition with four curated masterclasses

Santiago Casais

Manager of Growth Partnerships







Countless Insights

Scale iOS growth in 2024 with an insights-packed workshop on SKAN! 

Learn from top Industry experts

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SKAN 3 Adoption and Best Practices

This review of SKAN 3 is perfect for those just starting their SKAdNetwork  journey, and for those that tried but struggled to see success. Kick start your team’s SKAN strategy with insights from your peers as they cover what worked and what didn’t.

SKAN Review

Catch up on SKAdNetwork fundamentals

Hear SKAN success stories from your peers

Learn how you can make SKAN work for your team


Tips for Privacy-First iOS Marketing Success

With the challenges that SKAN has introduced to iOS marketing, there’s never been a better time to incorporate ASA marketing and ASO into your overall iOS strategy and channel mix. Learn the foundational concepts that will help you diversify your marketing.


ASA + ASO 101 strategies

How to scale traffic and lower CPAs and eCPI

Privacy-1st marketing strategies for iOS


John Koetsier

Darya Radchykava

Emre Bilgic

Lev Strutskyi

Salah Khamis

Head of User Acquisition

Principal Performance Marketing Consultant

Senior Customer Success Manager

Senior Account Executive

Senior Contributor

What You Need to Know to Make it Work for Your Business

Concepts from SKAN 3 take on a whole new set of rules in SKAN 4, creating a new steep learning curve for marketers and their teams. Join experts as they breakdown the new reporting and optimization opportunities presented in this iteration of SKAdNetwork.

SKAN 4 Deep Dive

Ramp up on the new SKAN 4 opportunities and challenges

Plan your SKAN 3 to SKAN 4 transition strategy

Learn best practices to set your team up for success


John Koetsier

Richard Eiseman

Mollie Sheridan

Eran Friedman

Product Strategy & Operations - App Ads, Measurement

Co-Founder & CTO

Senior Manager, Mobile App Paid Search

Digital Marketing Automation Specialist

Senior Contributor

John Koetsier

Victor Savath

Nabiha Jiwani

Senior Manager, Admonetisation and User Acquisition

Customer Success, Team Lead

VP of Solutions Consulting

Senior Contributor

Learn About the
Industry-Leading Solution

Singular’s SKAN solution is the best in market. Tune in to listen to Singular product experts walk through the features and analytics you need for each step of your SKAN strategy. Learn why you need a sophisticated SKAN solution driven by data science-based analytics.

Singular’s SKAN

Get the rundown of the industry’s most advanced SKAN solution
Meet the experts that educate the world’s biggest brands

Pick the brains of Singular’s Product, CS, and Solutions team


Shamanth Rao

Founder & CEO

Matthew Ellinwood

Senior Director of Product Management

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Become an expert on iOS user acquisition with four curated masterclasses

Claire Rozain

Itai Kafri