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2345 Yale Street, Palo Alto, CA 94306

All Rights Reserved ©
2345 Yale Street, Palo Alto, CA 94306


Scaling Ad Revenue in 2022

On-Demand Webinar

Everyone can toss an SDK into their app and start monetizing via ads.

But is everyone a pro at maximizing ad-based revenue? 

With rising competition, data challenges, and the need to balance retention with monetization, app developers have as many challenges as opportunities.

We’re bringing togetherGame Hive, By Alien, Unity, and Singular to share the trends and best practices that they’re seeing for scaling ad revenue.


John Koetsier

Senior Contributor


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Struggling to keep up with the latest and greatest in user acquisition? With the speed the mobile world is changing, you’re not alone.

Get ready to learn about

  • How to optimize for true ROAS by aligning monetization and user acquisition

  • Finding the sweet spot between monetization and user experience (and ultimately retention)

  • Predictions on how the industry is expected to evolve and how to prepare

We'll dive into:

Lisi Gardiner

Director of Product- Analytics

Bryan Streit

Partner Manager of Publisher Operations

Hafsa Akhlaq

Growth Marketing Manager

April 27th

10 am PT

Edwin Asberg

Ads and Monetization Coordinator