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Media Mix Modeling


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We all love alliteration, but Media Mix Modeling doesn’t just sound nice to say, it’s an invaluable method for measuring your campaign impact.

Understanding and quantifying the value your marketing has on sales, conversions, and installs is the goal of any growth marketer, but not all methods are created equal. MMM is one to keep an eye on.

In the past few months, MMM has become the talk of the town, and it’s time for you to understand how to utilize it for a more complete picture of your user acquisition efforts.

In this webinar, Singular and expert UA leaders from Meta, Phiture, Rocketship HQ, Tinuiti, and By Aliens had an insightful discussion on Media Mix Modeling and how to set Started.


  • What is hybrid measurement, incrementality, and the future of digital marketing?
  • The Media Mix Modeling use case with insights from those in the know
  • Google’s Privacy Sandbox and what steps to take to prepare now
  • Tactical steps for getting started with MMM

John Koetsier

Sr. Contributor

What We Covered

Igor Skokan

Director of Marketing Science

Shamanth Rao 

CEO & Founder


Thomas Georgiou

Data Analyst

How to get started

Felipe Watanabe

Performance Marketing Manager

Eran Friedman

CTO & Co-founder

Annica Nesty

Group Director of Marketing Science