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iOS 14.5 Aftermath:

Learnings and Tips for Success


After a long, drawn-out waiting period, iOS 14.5 is finally here. 

Although it is still early days, mobile marketers are eager to gain actionable insights into their iOS14.5 UA strategy. We’ve gathered a team of experts on the frontlines of running performance marketing with SKAdNetwork to dive into the new reality we are facing and reflect where the ecosystem currently stands. 

Join us for an on-demand webinar, where leaders from EA, Gameloft, Liftoff and Singular will provide a snapshot of where the industry stands post-release, as well as UA best practices based on early performance.

 This expert panel will cover: 

  • Early learnings and stats about user acquisition post-IDFA 
  • Current trends, challenges, and opportunities 
  • Tips to optimize your UA strategy in this initial phase


John Koetsier

Senior Contributor


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Eran Friedman

CTO & Co-Founder


Paulo Esteves

DIrector of UA 

Phil Crosby

CPO & Co-Founder

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Jayne Peressini

Senior Director,
Marketing & Growth