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2345 Yale Street, Palo Alto, CA 94306

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2345 Yale Street, Palo Alto, CA 94306


Cracking the code on creatives
How to create ads that convert


Creative experts from Mode Mobile, Ubisoft, ironSource, AppTweak, Singular, and Craftsman+ came together to chat about:

  • Creative trends to test asap
  • Must-haves for optimal creative reporting and optimization
  • Changes in creative advertising across channels
  • The synergy between creators and influencers


John Koetsier

Senior Contributor

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SKAN, Sandbox, Data Clean Rooms + more???????????

Alex Moulder

ASO Manager

Adam Stevens 

VP Product

Alex Merutka

CEO and Founder

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Bryan Tims

Senior Graphic Designer / Marketing Operations Coordinator

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What makes a great ad?

Breaking through the noise with engaging, thumb-stopping creatives is critical to marketing campaign success and ramped up user engagement in today's crowded market.
But creative optimization is an art — a slew of formats, variations, and channels, and difficulties understanding what result an ad drove.

Live webinar 

Haruna Ohata

Senior Marketing Asset Manager

Saadi Muslu

Head of Product Marketing