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Bridging the gap between

web to app acquisition


John Koetsier

Senior Contributor

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Liz Emery

VP, Mobile + Ad Tech

Josh Nadler

Product Manager II, Ads & Attribution | SEO

Brian Hedrick

Product Manager, Brands

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Creating a seamless user journey is every marketer's north star.
Achieving this means having the ability to track them across devices and platforms

Marketing experts from LinkedIn, DraftKings, Tinuiti, Liftoff and Singular discuss the web-to-app journey and share their tips on how marketers can benefit from bridging the gap between the two.

What can you expect?

1. Tips for making web a valuable acquisition source for apps
2. Best practices to convert web users to native app users for higher engagement

3. Suggestions for leveraging in-app ads to guide users through a mobile web conversion funnel
4. Strategies for overcoming the challenges of connecting app install performance to users from web ads.
5. How to understand the complete ROAS of your web-to-app campaigns.

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Bridging the gap

between web to 

app acquisition

Kristin Kado

Sr. Manager, Paid Social Lead, Labs 

Victor Savath

VP Solutions Consulting