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Aligning Organic
& Paid UA


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Marriage? In this economy? Turns out, yes. We’re talking about the greatest union in user acquisition: paid and organic.

In an economic slowdown, it’s more important than ever to be confident in your budget and strategy for both your paid and organic user acquisition efforts.

While each has its own place, the most successful brands use paid and organic in tandem, marrying them to drive better insights and allocate budgets accordingly.

But how do you know when to double down on your organic UA and when to employ paid? How can they be used to complement one another? How often do you need to iterate on your hybrid strategy?

Learn from Singular and expert UA leaders at Luna from Unity, Game Hive, MobileAction, Udonis,, and Pocketworlds in the recorded webinar, “Aligning Organic and Paid UA,” to get answers to these questions and more.


  • How to craft a strategy that utilizes both paid and organic UA
  • Proven tactics for deploying organic and paid together
  • Tips for making the most of your budget

John Koetsier

Sr. Contributor

What you'll learn


Eva Juretić

Growth Marketing

Emre Bilgic

Senior Sales Engineer

Mary Kim

Head of Growth

Stuart Jarvis

Sr. Partner Manager, Solution Architect

Mike Grguric


Ben Shore

Senior Customer Success Manager, Strategic Accounts