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Navigating User Acquisition 

in a Global Recession


John Koetsier

Senior Contributor

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SKAN, Sandbox, Data Clean Rooms + more???????????

Katie Blechner

Client Services Team Lead

Gus Viegas

Head of Growth

Lenette Yap

User Acquisition Lead

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The elephant in the room of every business today: Yes, we’re in the middle of a global recession.

How can marketing teams today take that reality and continue to drive growth while tackling the challenges of:

1. Shrinking budgets
2. Plummeting monetization
3. Slumping marketing efficiency
4. Stagnating channels
5. Sagging conversion rates
6. Fading retention
7. Plunging virality

Join us to hear from Storemaven, Inkitt, Liftoff, and Lessmore as we delve into some key strategies to keep your marketing and user acquisition in an upwards trajectory.

We’ll be tackling how to:

+ Maintain marketing efficiency with smaller teams
+ Keep a steady view on your performance to stay ROI positive
+ Retain users, despite changing consumer behaviors

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Cary Perez-Artacho

Account Executive