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Expert panel: How to acquire app users from the web


App marketers, have you unlocked the full potential of the web?
User acquisition teams across different verticals are increasingly leveraging the web to acquire and reengage with app users. And it's paying off big time!

Watch this on-demand panel featuring Riot Games, Google, DraftKings, and Singular to learn:

  • Why the web is a valuable acquisition source, particularly in a post-IDFA world
  • Expert tips and best practices for acquiring high-value app users from the web
  • How user acquisition on the web can help you reach net-new types of audiences
  • How to set up accurate measurement and reporting for web-to-app


Alon Nafta

VP of Product

Alexandra Whitaker

Global Product Lead, Appify

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Cody Christie

User Acquisition Lead

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2345 Yale Street, Palo Alto, CA 94306

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Moderated by

John Koetsier

Senior contributor

Jim Perry

Director of Analytics