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Bridging the Gap
Between Web and Mobile UA

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As marketers, you always want to be where your current and prospective users are. In today’s world, that means keeping up with them across devices and platforms. However, understanding these complicated user journeys is still a major challenge.

Watch the on-demand webinar to hear speakers from TruebillDigitCriteo, and Singular break down the best practices for cross-platform marketing. The panel covers:

Planning the ideal cross-platform user journey for your product
Best practices for gaining incremental users with cross-platform advertising
How to set up accurate measurement and reporting for cross-platform conversions
How to make the web a valuable acquisition source for apps, particularly in a post-IDFA world

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John Koetsier

Senior contributor

Victor Savath

VP of Solutions Consulting

Lucy Rogers
Senior Director of Global Partnerships for Mobile

Yasi Samimi

VP of Growth

Malachi Rose
Former Head of Growth Marketing


Bridging the Gap Between Web and Mobile UA