Audience Management

Re-engage, retarget, and prospect new users by tapping into your attribution data to create and automatically distribute highly-configurable audience segments

Create & activate high value audiences




Unlock the power of your marketing insights to create audience segments based on user behavior. Our Audience Builder enables precision targeting so you can deliver relevant ads


Automatically distribute user segments to test new channels for extended reach, test campaign copy for improved messaging, or a/b test ads to retain or re-engage a stagnant audience


Once you have defined your audience segments, keep them automatically up-to-date with hourly or daily syncs


Engaging the right audience with the right message

Singular’s Audience Builder is equipped with many and/or conditions to build highly-customizable audience segments for precision targeting. Re-engage inactive users, dynamically retarget users who have abandoned cart, activate new users, or encourage incremental revenue from loyal customers.

Re-engage audiences
Distribute your custom re-engagement audiences to re-engage inactive users or cross-sell to your most frequent purchasers across all your sources
Improve prospecting with lookalikes
Create lookalikes of your most active users or top spenders, and deploy them to improve the effectiveness of
prospecting campaigns
Suppress audiences
Don’t waste your budget on the wrong audience. Suppress users who’re already active, or who don’t fall into your targeting criteria

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