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State of iOS UA: Stats, Trends, and Strategies


We’re all knee-deep in post-IDFA advertising, and we’ve already seen some massive shifts this year. Budget allocation and spend are shifting, performance is fluctuating, and marketers must adapt their UA and measurement strategies to maintain their growth. 

With all the change, it can be hard to keep up. But don’t fret! We’ve gathered a kick-ass panel featuring AdColony, Liftoff, Rocketship, and Singular to get you in the know. 

Register to hear the panel discuss:
- The latest stats and data trends for 2021 UA
- How to maximize SKAdNetwork insights
- Winning UA strategies that marketers have tested
- The UA latest trends like web-to-app, influencers and channel-mix


John Koetsier

Senior Contributor


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Eran Friedman

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Director of Sales Engineering

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Ben Holmes

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