Why top marketers choose Singular

Adverity can provide marketers with tools for data aggregation. But what makes Singular better? Singular is committed to bringing in marketing data from any source. Unlike Adverity, we provide 100% ad network coverage, including support of affiliations, offline channels, spreadsheets, and email reports. 

Adverity marketers have to perform manual data mappings before they can analyze their data. With Singular your data is fully mapped and standardized right out of the box. We uncover more answers around your marketing performance, like how your bids and creatives are performing, and where your next ad dollars should go.

Why go with Singular vs. Adverity?

100% Network Coverage
Why settle for 500 integrations when we have thousands? We can pull data from any source with our flexible ingestion methods. Not only do the other guys only pull data via API—they also charge you extra if you bring in data any other way. We’re dedicated to providing 100% coverage for networks and channels you work with today (or will work with tomorrow).

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Error-proof Schemas
Out of the box data standardization. Manual mapping is prone to human error and can cause inaccuracies. Our error-free schemas allow you to say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to automated, accurate reporting. Our automatic data transformation technology goes even further by combining and enriching your data. We ensure your data is accurate, complete, and timely, allowing you to make smarter optimizations and drive growth.

Superior Reporting and Visualizations
Metrics that matter. You can’t grow your business relying only on upper-funnel engagement metrics like clicks and likes. We're the first platform to connect upper-funnel campaign data (like cost), with bottom-funnel conversion data (like revenue), providing you with the most powerful solution for determining full-funnel performance. We don’t stop at ROI and performance analytics. We also offer creative and bid optimization reports, ensuring you get the most out of your marketing.

Trusted by leading teams globally

“With Singular, we can collect every data point from every partner and measure results in a multitude of ways—by platform, partner, creative. There are always useful things to be learned about your business that can help you grow.”

- Patrick Witham, Director of User Acquisition, Postmates