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Ad Monetization
Boost ad revenue by gaining a complete view into performance across all your mediation partners.

Fraud Detection & Prevention
Protect your budgets with the most comprehensive detection methods and pre-attribution rejection.

Mobile & SKAdNetwork Attribution
Accurately measure the entire user journey with the industry’s most comprehensive MMP and compliant iOS measurement suite.

Marketing Analytics
Analyze the impact of every ad dollar with accurate, timely and actionable cross-platform analytics.

Cost Aggregation
Collect, unify, and report on spending down to the creative and keyword level across all your channels.

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Load attribution, ad spend, creatives, bids, and ad monetization data directly to your data warehouse.

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Discover how Singular can help you to grow faster with next-gen marketing analytics and attribution. 

+ Measure and report on the entire user journey across all platforms

+ Boost your ROI and make faster decisions with accurate, actionable data

+ Align your teams with a single source of truth for marketing data

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Singular has been the key to uncovering ROI across our entire customer journey. By utilizing Singular’s attribution as part of its larger platform to unify the data across our entire marketing stack, we’ve gained access to unrivaled granularity to optimize against

Kasim Zorlu

VP of Performance Marketing