Why go with Singular vs. Branch?

Branch is built for basic mobile attribution - to answer “where did that install come from?” And they do it well. On the other hand, Singular is built to provide you a single source of truth for marketing performance - to answer “what creative drove the highest ROI?” “what should I change my bid to?” and “should I spend more with that source?”

And don't just take it from us...

Operating at our scale, we have had to overcome some very complex data challenges. Singular solved for these complexities, by helping us unify and attribute our data, analyze our ROI and enable us to focus on our core mission. 

Ran Makavy
EVP & Chief Product Officer

Are you ready for attribution that does more than Branch?

Singular has been the key to uncovering ROI across our entire customer journey, which powers us to intelligently grow our business. By utilizing Singular's attribution as part of its larger platform to unify the data across our entire marketing stack, we've gained access to unrivaled granularity to optimize against.

Kasim Zorlu
VP Performance Marketing

Singular's updated Fraud Prevention Suite is the most powerful mobile app install fraud prevention I've seen. This will save us literally hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.

Channy Lim
Head of BI Department

Be it the app integration, event testing, or ingestion, Singular was there every step of the way.

Shruti Dhir
Senior Manager Growth Marketing

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Branch vs. Singular

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