Fraud Prevention

Keep your ad budgets focused on quality users with the industry’s leading Fraud Prevention, equipped with always-on fraud detection and the most prevention methods.

More prevention methods to stop more fraud

Fraud prevention is a necessity, not a nice-to-have. Our Fraud Prevention is built by a highly-skilled set of cybersecurity scientists and utilizes more prevention methods than any other solution to catch more fraud. We take a proactive approach to block fraudulent activity and adapt to the ever-evolving fraud ecosystem. Best of all? Superior fraud protection comes at no extra charge to our attribution customers.


Fraud Prevention


Superior protection means considering all detection indicators at the most granular levels, as well as all known protection methods, to automatically reject fraud in real-time


Built and maintained by a highly-skilled set of scientists that are dedicated to staying one step ahead of ad fraudsters and their evolving attack methods


Learn how your app is being targeted by fraudsters and quickly investigate suspicious traffic sources with the ability to drill down to the publisher, campaign, geo, and site level


Personalize your fraud prevention strategy and dictate how aggressively you want to combat fraud by creating custom rules to automatically reject or flag fraudulent installs

Fraud prevention that’s working, even when you’re not

Automatically apply deterministic rules in real-time to block installs before they are attributed. Deterministic prevention methods don’t rely on guesswork like probabilistic methods do, meaning more effective fraud prevention, And automatic fraud rejection gives marketers peace of mind from knowing their ad dollars are always protected and eliminates the need to spend time reconciling ad network invoices.

Android Install Validation

Stop more install fraud on Android, in real-time, with the first-in-industry deterministic Android Install Validation technology. This breakthrough in Android fraud prevention is a gamechanger and vastly more effective at fighting the growing threat of fake install fraud.

iOS Install Validation

iOS devices support install receipts which help us ensure the app was actually installed from the App Store on the given device. Verifying with Apple is not enough however and so Singular provides complementing protection to holes in the verification process. When a valid install receipt is not detected, the attribution is blocked.

Android Click-Injection Prevention

Fight click-injection on Android with our proprietary Android Click Injection Prevention that leverages Google Play Referrer to recognize fake impressions and clicks intended to manipulate attribution crediting after a legitimate user installed the app.

Android Organic Poaching Detection

Stop cannibalizing organic users with the industry’s first deterministic solution for more accurate detection of organic poaching on Android.


Singular automatically verifies the IP address of every device, uses heuristic rules to identify fraudulent publishers, and maintains a proprietary list of suspicious devices to detect and block fraudulent attributions.

Geographic outliers

The geographic distance between the location of a click and the corresponding install can be an indicator of click spamming. When the distance between a click and an install exceeds a given threshold or is otherwise anomalistic, installs are flagged as geographic outliers and attribution is blocked.


When Singular receives an irregularly high number of clicks from a given source, it can be a sign of click spamming. Therefore, when the number of matching clicks tied to an install exceeds a certain threshold, an attribution is blocked.

Short time to install (TTI)

When the amount of time between an ad click and the resulting install is irregularly small, it can be a sign that the install was “hijacked” by fraudsters using a click injection scheme. Singular combines this along with other techniques to block the attribution.

Superior protection powered by science

Effectively preventing established fraud schemes requires deterministic and real-time tools, but fraudsters evolve quickly and fraud prevention solutions aren’t able to keep up. Our set of highly-skilled cybersecurity experts utilize data-science and statistical methods to uncover new and previously undetected fraud schemes. We then dive deep into the details around this previously undiscovered fraud scheme and build first-to-market prevention technologies to fight back.

OS Research

Having a deep understanding of how operating systems and the stores that run on them operate is imperative to find the best tools for fighting fraud.

Malware Reverse Engineering

Analyzing the inner workings of the perpetrators gives a unique edge. It provides a better understanding of HOW they do what they do and provides insights into schemes we might otherwise miss.

Device-based Distribution Anomalies

Distribution anomalies for different attributes of installing devices can uncover hidden fraud campaigns. For example, a high percentage of installs associated with new devices or devices with Limit Ad Tracking enabled hint at fraudulent activities. Another example would be a bad OS version or device model distributions.

Activity-based Distribution Anomalies

Patterns in activities can help to uncover attribution manipulation campaigns. For example, Time-to-Installs distributions can help uncover click injection or click spamming campaigns. High concentrations of clicks coming from the same device or IP address can hint at click spamming.

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