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State of the Industry: Digital Marketing Measurement 2018

How marketers are handling today’s marketing data deluge

Singular in partnership with surveyed over 200 marketers.

We wanted to find out where marketers are making their largest investments in ad partners, infrastructure and analytics.

Here are a few of the findings in the report

Media Sources Surging: The average digital marketer spends across 12 different media sources at any given time, but in 2018, 51% of marketers say they plan to increase the number of media sources they use.

MarTech Complexity: On average, marketers utilize 17 marketing tools and services to run their digital marketing campaigns.

Analytics Woes: Notably, only 13% of marketers are confident in the accuracy and completeness of their data, while just 8% of marketers are confident they’re attributing campaigns across devices and platforms.

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