Time saved, budgets protected and a clear performance view

Singular provides us a reliable performance picture while freeing up time we’d otherwise spend manually putting those reporting views together.
Tejasvi Batria,
Director of Growth
  • 25%
    of ad budgets protected from ad fraud
  • 7-8
    hours a week saved on manual processes
  • 1
    Source of truth for performance

What is Kuku FM?

Kuku FM is an audio platform offering original books across different genres and vernacular languages, available on Android and iOS.
Books are a powerful knowledge tool, and the company wants to make them accessible to all by removing language barriers

  • Founded
  • Pieces of content (fiction + non-fiction)
  • Active paid users (grown by 1 million in 4 months)
    2.3 million+
  • Active users in 2023
    10 million

The Kuku FM Challenge

Key challenges:

–     Working with a multitude of channels

    Understanding true channel efficiency 

    Fraudulent activity  

“All growth marketers know the importance of attribution and understanding the performance and efficiency of your channels. If you don’t have a third party in place, these channels eventually attribute themselves,” says Tejasvi Batria, Director of Growth at Kuku FM.

“For us at Kuku FM, active paid subscribers are the only metric we look at, and it’s easy to end up paying various channels for that same user. For an organization focused on scaling up and hypergrowth, we needed to understand the efficiency of our channels and which channels actually drive subscribers.”

Another challenge that Kuku FM deals with is fraud. “Working with many network partners automatically brings a level of fraudulent activity – whether poaching of click injections, fingerprinting, geo-bleeding, etc.”

Why Singular?

“When we realized that we needed our first MMP, we analyzed several vendors, but Singular stood out for their superior support and customization. We have never heard a “no” from their team. They have always helped with whatever we’ve needed and been just a phone call away – just like a part of the Kuku FM team.

It’s like finding a life partner – you don’t want someone rigid and strict but someone who is with you, supporting you and fits into your puzzle and has the flexibility to work to your needs.”

Tejasvi stressed, “Because of Singular, we have a much better, clearer picture of how our channels are working, which helps us to plan better and understand where to scale and optimize.”

It’s like finding a life partner – you don’t want someone rigid and strict but someone who is with you, supporting you and fits into your puzzle and has the flexibility to work to your needs.” – Tejasvi Batria, Director of Growth at Kuku FM

The Singular Solution

Singular provides Kuku FM with a complete holistic marketing solution, rather than just an MMP.

“We work with many affiliate partners, and Singular’s linking and tracking tools have been very helpful, especially since we can create a year-long link.” Tejasvi explains that initially, the links expired after 30 days, but the Singular team stepped in to create a custom fix that extended the link lifespan to 365 days.

He puts specific emphasis on the visualization element of the reports. “Data visualization is super important. Excel sheets and numbers alone don’t cut it. Singular enables me to visualize and analyze my data in a multitude of ways.” He adds that the ability to pull the data into their internal reporting tool with the aggregated API is a daily game changer. “We can look at all the numbers in one place, including taxes, and this has helped the team understand how the different platforms perform daily and what’s working.”

Tejasvi adds that Singular’s automations allow the team to see changes in real-time to keep their finger on the pulse of all activity. “My team doesn’t have to waste 2-3 hours a day manually pulling data or 7-8 hours of the day waiting until the data is ready to view. We can pass off all that work to Singular and spend more time analyzing data instead of collecting it.

Another key feature for the team has been Singular’s fraud detection and prevention suite. “Fraud is a major concern for us, especially when onboarding or scaling new ad partners and channels. Using Singular’s fraud tools helps us understand what fraudulent activity is happening on the partner and publisher and site-ID levels. This allows us to see if fraud is happening and quickly pause work with certain publishers to ensure that our marketing spend is invested fruitfully.”

Tejasvi maintained that Kuku FM saved around 25% of its ad budget from fraudulent activity. 

“All of this underlines that we are improving our efficiency as an organization thanks to Singular.”

Some of Kuku FM’s Singular favorites:

Customer support: Just like a part of the Kuku FM team  

Customization: Flexibility to work according to their needs and make personalizations as required

Full performance view: Clearer picture of how channels are working 

Aggregated API: To easily pull data into Kuku FM’s internal reporting tool

Automations: Saving the Kuku FM team time in manual efforts and time waiting for updated data

Fraud detection and prevention: Saving around 25% of Kuku FM’s ad budget from fraudulent activity

Kuku FM + Singular = Success  

Tejasvi noted that while the Kuku FM team uses many of Singular’s features, the partnership offers them three key benefits.

– The first is a reliable and complete performance picture—real-time data in easy-to understand visualizations

– The second is time saving for increased productivity and efficiency

– The third is support from their customer success team, which feels like an extension of the KukuFM marketing team

Singular gives us a reliable and clear picture of how our channels are performing and helps us to better plan where to scale up and down. We’re excited about the future and moving into areas like multi-touch attribution and web with Singular alongside us on our continued growth journey.”

  • Source of truth for performance
  • hours a week saved on manual processes
  • of ad budgets protected from ad fraud

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