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Zynga grows its customer base with Singular’s marketing analytics

By Saadi Muslu February 11, 2020

We sat down with Jason Zhu, Director of Marketing at Zynga, to learn how his team currently uses Singular’s cost aggregation and marketing analytics solutions to determine the best marketing channels for acquiring customers, to overcome the main hurdles they’re overcoming, and to align internal teams.




My name is Jason. I’m the Director of Marketing at Zynga. 

About Zynga

Zynga is a company that develops and publishes mobile games.

High-level use case

Zynga is currently leveraging Singular by using its campaign analytics to help us decide which marketing channels to use to acquire customers. 


One of the marketing challenges that Zynga is facing is because we are working with so many channels—for example, Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand exactly which channel has the best performance. 

Single source of truth for performance

So Singular helps us with that by giving us an insight into exactly which channel has the highest revenue and which one is the highest performing. Singular helps us connect fragmented marketing data by giving us a singular source of truth. 

For example, when we work with marketing we also work with cross-functional teams like creatives as well as finance. So by having Singular we have access to the same set of data across our teams. 


It’s important for Zynga to optimize the marketing campaigns at a granular level, because when we are acquiring customers from all over the world, once you know what exactly certain customers have in common—so, by breaking it down to levels like age and gender and what devices they’re using it helps us most effectively deploy our marketing budgets.

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