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By John Koetsier October 17, 2017

The Twitter Phenomenon

When you think of social and real-time, chances are you think of Twitter. Founded in 2006, Twitter now boasts more than 328M monthly active users, with daily active users increasing in the first quarter of 2017.

In addition to its active community of Tweeters, Twitter has also become home to a great deal of live event content from a slew of content partners. This has helped to further cement the brand’s reputation for immediacy and newsworthiness. More than 45 million uniques watched live video events in Q1 of 2017.

Twitter usage also skews heavily mobile, which increases its appeal to app marketers looking to attract an engaged and lean-forward smartphone-wielding audience. More than 80% of Twitter usage is mobile.

While any platform with this many users naturally attracts large numbers of people in virtually every demographic, the platform does skew younger and more high income, making it an appealing vehicle for marketers anxious to attract app users with the wherewithal and propensity to transact via mcommerce.

Singular is proud to be a Twitter Official Partner. Read more about the designation and what it means below.


What is the Twitter Official Partner program?

Twitter is naturally very interested in ensuring that its business clients get the most value possible from the platform. To help ensure this, the company created the Twitter Official Partner program, which identifies an elite set of companies that can help marketers drive better results from their investments on Twitter.

Official partners have been recognized by Twitter for having exceptional products or capabilities combined with proven success on Twitter. Twitter recognizes partners to help brands identify the services and companies that can help them drive better business results. There are eight categories of partners:


  • Analytics : Find insights from Twitter Data
  • Engagement & Publishing : Manage social interactions and publishing
  • Content Curation & Display : Find and display Twitter
  • Data & Agency Services: Find agency and data consulting services
  • Ad Technology: Scale and optimize ad campaigns
  • Audience Data Provider : Find new customers on Twitter using 3rd party data
  • Audience Onboarding: Find your customers on Twitter using Tailored Audiences
  • Ad Measurement: Measure performance of Twitter mobile campaigns

You can recognize a Twitter Official Partner by this seal.



You can also visit their website to learn more about the program and see a complete list of Twitter Official Partners.

Using a Twitter Official Partner for mobile app measurement, like Singular, gives you access to more and richer data on your Twitter-centered marketing programs.

By working with Singular,  you are ensured maximum access to Twitter campaign data. One key area where this maximum access is important is in the process of deduplicating media partner claims for installs. Twitter is one of several large companies that are what are called self-attributing networks. A self-attributing network informs Singular of which installs they claim, and provides time stamps for marketing-driven events that occur on their properties. Singular then compares the timing of those stamps to marketing-driven activity that takes place on other networks to determine which media source gets credit for an install.

As a Twitter Official Partner, Singular offers unsurpassed ability to track and measure user behavior and marketing performance on Facebook. But Singular offers marketers more than Twitter measurement capabilities. We are also a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP), an App Analytics Partner with Google, a Pinterest Marketing Partner, a Snapchat measurement partner, and a partner with Apple. In addition, we have more than 1,600 integrations with ad networks around the world. All that means that our clients enjoy a complete view of their marketing activity — ad performance, spend, and revenue data combined, enhanced and connected in a single platform.

At Singular, our focus is to deliver the best-in-class analytics platform for mobile-first marketers. Our unified ROI analytics platform offers:

  • The Most Advanced Data Collection Engine. Collect and standardize marketing data from social channels, ad networks, marketing clouds, lifecycle management platforms, data warehouses, and other marketing analytics systems — to expose deeper data across every customer touchpoint.
  • True ROI Analysis. Singular is the only platform capable of connecting marketing data with user behavior data to expose the most granular and accurate ROI data, from channel, country, campaign and publisher-level ROI — down to user-level ROI.
  • A Best-In-Class Analytics Product Built for Marketers. Slice and dice your data across every dimension so you can analyze marketing performance, manage marketing budgets, optimize creative assets, and create user-level segments with automatic real-time distribution to any third-party system.
  • Industry’s Best Creative Reporting and Analytics. As more and more marketers wake up to the importance of creative, in both UA and remarketing, our creative reporting enables you to analyze executions against any any dimension of data — including location, source and custom dimensions — and filter results on the fly to pinpoint top-performing creatives. Our visual interface also enables you to see the ads as you evaluate the data, and cluster executions on any dimension you choose.
  • User Audience Management. Singular also enables marketers to analyze groups of their users and create high performing audiences for remarketing, better lookalike modeling, and improved UA. Once they create these audiences, marketers can securely share them with their choice of partners for customized marketing and optimized results.


We’d love to tell you more about how we can help improve your marketing effectiveness by delivering unprecedented insights along with comprehensive app attribution and measurement. For more information, let’s chat!


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