Snap and SKAdNetwork: ready and running for mobile marketers on iOS

By John Koetsier March 9, 2021

Is Snapchat open for SKAdNetwork business? In a word: yes.

Singular and Snapchat are excited to announce a joint solution for SKAdNetwork campaign measurement. Marketers can use the Singular SDK to manage conversion goals and maintain full compatibility with Snapchat.

While it’s been hard for marketers to find publishers who are fully ready to go with SKAdNetwork-compatible ad inventory, Snap has been quick off the mark. Singular is fully integrated with Snap’s iOS 14-compatible ad inventory, meaning marketers are already testing ad campaign measurement on Snap via Singular.

Perhaps even more interesting?

Like Facebook but unlike Google, Snap has decided to show the App Tracking Transparency prompt. And the results, according to our recent IDFA survey data, could be extremely important for the ecosystem as a whole.


Why Snap is important

Snap is critical for mobile advertisers on iOS because it’s a high performer in the Singular ROI Index, especially this year.

That means Snap has a significant amount of high-quality and fraud-free inventory that helps marketers achieve high ROI. It’s also growing fast, and making major investments in new technologies which are likely to continue to improve its position over the next few years.

Add it up, and Snap is a large and growing source of SKAdNetwork-compatible inventory for mobile marketers on iOS.

Announcing the Snap-Singular integration

Marketers need to know they can measure their advertising with any partner via Singular, their MMP. In the world of iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork, that’s been far from guaranteed, because the ecosystem as a whole is not fully ready for Apple’s new privacy-safe mobile attribution framework.

Singular’s been ready for some time, however, and Snap has too.

“We’re announcing Singular and Snap’s joint solution to be able to measure and report on SKAdNetwork-based campaigns,” Singular product marketing manager Saadi Muslu told me in a recent Growth Masterminds podcast. “I think first and foremost for Snap, what they announced is the ability to support these types of campaigns, but also their willingness to work with MMPs on conversion models.”

Ultimately, Muslu says, Snap is providing marketers the flexibility to not just measure installs but go beyond that and see conversions and KPIs that matter to their businesses: KPIs that are early growth indicators.

“We’re working closely with Singular to ensure that marketers can advertise with confidence on iOS 14 and beyond,” says Sheila Bhardwaj, who leads measurement partnerships at Snap. “Our SKAdNetwork implementation ensures two things Snap cares about: user privacy and marketing measurement.”

Snap, Singular, and SKAdNetwork: what marketers need to do

Since Snap and Singular are integrated, most of the work marketers need to do to start measuring iOS 14 campaigns in the Snapchat ecosystem is done.

That’s good news.

But there are still a few details to take care of:

  1. Implement Singular’s SKAdNetwork solution via the SDK or our server-to-server solution
  2. Pick a conversion model
  3. And … ensure you meet Snap’s specific requirements
    1. Make sure you have a Snap App ID
    2. Map your conversion model’s events to Snapchat events
    3. Configure SKAdNetwork in Snapchat Ads Manager

“It’s pretty seamless and it’s not a lot of work on the marketer’s end,” Muslu says.

Snap and ATT: implications for the ecosystem

Snap is planning to present iOS 14’s App Tracking Transparency prompt to its users. That’s a decision that could have significant implications for the rest of the app ecosystem. With around 250 million users, including over 100 million in the U.S., that’s a lot of people who will see a message about tracking and will have to make a decision.

What we’ve recently learned by surveying 600 smartphone owners about IDFA is that they are significantly more likely to say yes when they know and trust the brand that is asking for permission.


Given that Snapchat users are notoriously devoted and loyal, they’re likely to say yes. According to our survey results, almost 40% of respondents said they are likely to grant permission, and that only increases when they’re dealing with a trusted brand.

“I think it’ll have a positive impact,” says Muslu. “They are a large reputable app and publisher … they care about user privacy and … that may reduce any spookiness or any hesitation you have for maybe some of your smaller apps, maybe some of your smaller gaming apps.”

Looking for SKAdNetwork help?

If you’re looking for SKAdNetwork implementation help, Singular can help. Request a demo, and a Singular representative can walk you through our Snap solution, plus integrations with any other platform or network.

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