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Singular’s Q1 2017 in Review

By John Koetsier March 6, 2017

We hit the ground running at the start of 2017, working hard to share success stories and analytics case studies from our customers and our own insights to help you improve your user acquisition strategy for the rest of the year. Take a look at all these learnings and tips we’ve compiled now:

Customer Stories

Match needed to scale its marketing efforts fast as the company’s portfolio continued to grow at a rapid rate. In order to do this efficiently, automation of data engineering and accurate tracking of campaigns were top priority.

We needed a sophisticated way to not only aggregate this data, but access granular levels of insights.

— James Peng, Head of Mobile & Social Acquisition

Backflip extracts data from over 600 ad networks into their internal BI. In order to produce granular insights circulated across the company, the team needed a way to automate and standardize spend data with zero configuration and map to their conversion data.

We test two new ad networks each month. Without Singular, the team would have to build scraping systems at least twice a month.

— Jason Conger, Director of User Acquisition and Monetization

To slice and dice the terabytes of data generated by its 1,000 campaigns per month, Product Madness relies needed a way to automate core marketing engineering processes — namely, the ingestion and aggregation of cost data spread across the 15+ mobile ad networks it is testing at any given moment.

Since we run with a lot of channels and frequently test new ones, Singular saves us a huge amount of time.

— Patrick Witham, Director of User Acquisition

Postmates, the on-demand logistics company that defined the food and delivery industry as we know it today, has partnered with Singular to scale its growth marketing with deeper insights across mobile and desktop.

The manual reporting we’ve been doing in Excel couldn’t give us the level of granularity we needed, not to mention the accuracy we were looking for.

— Dan Dumitru, Head of Paid Acquisition

Marketing Strategy

The goal of any successful User Acquisition (UA) Manager is to spend smarter, faster, and more wisely than their competition. Theat requires a focus on data-driven marketing and marketing analytics. We have gathered some of the most important questions and considerations that UA Managers ask themselves daily. All with a mind to shed light on how you can keep ahead of your competitors and deliver against your core KPIs.

As a marketing manager running user acquisition campaigns, it is likely you are spending the majority of your time monitoring, analyzing and reporting across at least 5 to 10 different networks on a daily basis. If you are spending the majority of your time and resources on manual work when you could otherwise focus on strategy and optimization, you are inevitably losing to the competition who is working smarter and faster with workflow automation.

The Singular ROI Index is the first of its kind. While past research has measured ad network performance using metrics like user retention and revenue per install, it has neglected a major part of the picture: the cost associated with driving such engagement.

Download The Singular ROI Index to see the world’s first ranking of ad networks by app ROI.

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