Singular certified in the new Google Measurement Partner Program

By John Koetsier July 11, 2018

Measurement is always top of mind for marketers. Whether it’s getting in-depth analysis into ad campaign performance, evaluating ad viewability, or wanting deeper attribution analytics, brands are always looking for actionability in their data measurement. However, the problem for advertisers is feeling confident in the trustworthiness of the data they receive from companies they partner with.

Google is constantly striving to improve the transparency and objectivity of measurement standards for our industry. In an effort to further this goal and support customers with certified partnership opportunities, Google announced today a new standard for verified partners in a program called Google Measurement Partners.

The Google Measurement Partner Program brings together 23 new and existing partners across attribution, viewability metrics, brand lift, and more. The purpose of this program is to provide verified accuracy and quality of brand safety and insights, as well as to provide marketers with a full understanding of the customer journey. Marketers need trust, autonomy, and a healthy, open ecosystem that works better for everyone.

Through this program, advertisers can find certified partners that will help support them across all their needs while feeling confident that the data they’re getting is up to the strictest measurement protocol.

Singular is honored to be included in this program and has met the strict requirements for providing data that is both transparent and credible. Our objective has always been to give marketers confidence in their campaign performance metrics and attribution data so that they can make better decisions and have stronger outcomes in their marketing campaigns. We know that a successful digital marketing strategy starts with reliable and actionable insights.

We are excited to be an extension of Google’s collaboration in the marketplace and hold the promise to maintain the integrity of the Google Measurement Partner Program.

Look for the badge to ensure your vendor is a certified Google Measurement Partner.

To learn more about how Singular provides our customers with actionable ad campaign analytics and attribution data integrity, request a demo here!

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