Sexy new campaign analytics: Dynamic totals, drag-and-drop columns, freezing, pinning, and more

By John Koetsier September 25, 2018

Excel is a wonderful tool. But I think we can all agree the less you need to export marketing campaign analytics out of one system, import it into another, and then finally start a deeper analysis, the better.

Especially when, as a digital marketer, you want to make fast but smart decisions.

So Singular released multiple improvements today to our campaign analytics report that automatically collects and standardizes data from all of your sources into one single reporting view for apples-to-apple analysis, says Singular’s senior product marketing manager, Saadi Muslu.

“Asides from having a sleek new look, we’ve added new functionalities for improved viewability,” she says. “Features like freeze/pin columns, drag & drop columns, and edit columns help to customize your reporting view for your needs. One of the most exciting new functionalities is Dynamic Totals, which allow users to filter their table by any attribute, and see the totals recalculated in real-time without needing to run a new query.”

One of my favorites though? Source transparency. (Scroll down to see it.)

The goal here is allowing you to dig deeper into campaign analytics insights without having to run a new report query every. single. time.

VP of product Alon Nafta provided an overview of the new functionality with — of course — animated GIFs showing the updated features.

Multiple curve charts

Now you can layer multiple metrics on the same chart to visualize trends and correlations, says Nafta:

Dynamic totals

Filtering a table? Now the totals are recalculated in real-time, in your browser. No need to run a new query.

Drag and drop columns for reordering

Need to see a metric more clearly in context with another measurement? No problem. Simply drag and drop the column headers.

Edit and/or hide columns

Want to customize a generated results table? Easily edit and/or hide a column.

Freeze columns and rows

Data tables get big. Freezing columns allows you to keep the data you need visible, while scrolling through the rest of the table.

Pin columns and rows

Similar functionality, but a little different. Nafta explains it like this: “Pin any column to the left and the selected column will shift to the far left, next to the dimension columns. You can also pin a selected column to the right to further customize the table view.”

Source transparency

As I mentioned above, my favorite might be source transparency, which enables you to see the source for the data you’re looking at right in the table. As Alon puts it, hovering over a cell will show you where the data comes from: an ad network, or an attribution provider.

Then, clicking the transparency icon will further show a drill-down into the actual statistics pulled from each data source.

What does that do for you?

In a phrase, we hope it helps you grow faster. And easier.

“We’re dedicated to powering our users to uncover the insights that drive their growth, in a faster and easier way,” says Muslu.

We likely have some work yet to do on campaign analytics, however. At least if you still need to export data elsewhere.

“The larger story is that we want the Singular UI to be the only tool customers need to use, and we continue to make steps towards that goal,” says Nafta. “So as long as users still export to Excel, it’s our signal we still have improvements to do!”

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