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The world’s best mobile ad networks: Announcing the 2019 Singular ROI Index

By John Koetsier April 17, 2019

What makes the best mobile ad networks on the planet the best?

From a marketer’s perspective, the answer is pretty simple: the best mobile ad networks are those that provide the best return on investment. Ten dollars goes in, $15, $20 or more comes out.

Ad networks who qualify get this badge.

But of course there’s more to the story.

In order to provide exceptional ROI, an ad network needs to offer scale: the ability to reach a significant number of potential customers or users. A great mobile ad network also needs to control for fraud, minimizing if not absolutely eliminating the bad actors who steal advertising dollars. And ideally, an ad network needs to deliver new customers or users who engage and who stick around: high retention.

To see what media sources are driving the best ROI with the most scale and the lowest fraud, download the full 2019 Singular ROI Index now.

2019: A year of significant change

This year is a pivotal one for advertisers and media sources. GDPR is in full swing, legislators are considering various versions of it in other parts of the world, and there’s increased scrutiny on personal data and privacy.


At the same time, the data explosion continues and marketers are faced with understanding signals about the success or failure of their campaigns from web, mobile, streaming TV, wearable technologies, smart home devices, and an ever-increasing profusion of digital channels.

The best mobile ad networks: big and small

Mobile marketers know: if you’re doing significant campaigns, you’re probably using Facebook and Google. Both feature prominently in the 2019 ROI Index. And you’re likely using Twitter, Snap, and perhaps Pinterest.

But it doesn’t end there.

As we saw in a recent report, scaling mobile growth requires more ad partners.

That means working with the next tier of ad networks: Vungle, TapJoy, ironSource, AdColony, Fyber, AppLovin, Aarki, and AppLike are critical to success. And it means employing recent but massive entrants like Apple Search Ads and Unity Ads, who are showing both huge volume and significant ROI potential.

2019 Singular ROI Index: 5 key changes

In assembling the 2019 Singular ROI Index and identifying the world’s best mobile ad networks, five key things stood out:

  1. Fraud matters
    Fraud is increasingly on marketers’ minds. No fewer than 15 significant ad networks lost their opportunity to appear on the ROI Index due to excessive levels of fraud.
  2. Android: more volatile
    A full third of the ROI Index for Android is new, and most of the existing players swapped spots. On iOS, only two new ad networks made the Index.
  3. Snap: impressive results
    Snap just had great quarterly results … and its performance on the 2019 Singular ROI Index shows a bunch of the reasons why.
  4. Unity is huge
    OK, we did actually know this already. But it turns out that when you build the tech that 50% of mobile games are built on … you have a great opportunity to do high-quality advertising.
  5. Twitter was resurgent
    Twitter won ranking on both our global iOS and global Android charts, plus no fewer than 11 other spots on various regional, vertical, and retention charts. Impressive!

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