On-demand webinar: Industry-first Android Install Validation

By John Koetsier September 24, 2019

How are Singular clients saving millions of dollars annually? By killing fraud in their mobile marketing campaigns with Singular’s new industry-first Android Install Validation.

Now the on-demand webinar is available for you to get all the details.

You may have seen the news recently. VentureBeat, Ad Age, AdExchanger, and other media outlets reported on it just a few weeks ago.

This is a first-ever technology, and it’s having a massive impact on user acquisition campaigns. Singular is the only company that offers this method of fraud prevention. It’s important to note that  the fraud detection here is not a probabilistic guess: it’s a deterministic method.

android install validation fraud prevention

Essentially, we’ve found several datapoints from apps and Google Play that are practically impossible to forge and allow us to verify the authenticity of the install and the user.

Learn more in the on-demand webinar now

We all know the studies: marketers waste tens of billions of dollars annually thanks to fraudulent publishers and networks. (Check out our recent fraud report: we list a few of those studies).

But there are also hidden costs to fraud.

When you’ve got fraud in your advertising campaigns, you make optimization errors. You’re using faulty data to make decisions, so you add spend to channels that look good (but aren’t). Just as bad, you punish channels that look bad (but are actually excellent).

This will save us literally hundreds of thousands of dollars every month, and lead us to make more effective marketing decisions.

Channy Lim, Head of BI Department

The webinar is available here. In it, you’ll also get more details about how Singular’s anti-fraud technology works. Singular always looks for solutions that are deterministic, proactive, transparent, and customizable. Each of those is important for clients who want to keep their campaigns as free of fraud as possible.

In fact, one new client who tried Singular’s fraud solution for the first time discovered that more than 90% of the app installs they had been paying for from a particular network were fake.

One more thing:

When you watch the webinar, we’ll tell you how you can get a personal fraud audit — a #fraudit. You’ll see what the very same technology that Glu, Com2uS, and Cleartrip are using can find in your advertising campaigns.

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