Oath & Singular: Fireside chat on adtech, martech, fraud, IoT, and the biggest challenges facing marketers

By John Koetsier November 15, 2018

Marketers are facing more challenges now than ever before: the data explosion, the fraud epidemic, cross-channel and cross-platform resolution, and evolving from marketing art to marketing science.

It’s not easy out there.

That’s precisely why Oath, the new AOL and Yahoo!, has put together a new series of fireside chats featuring solutions to some of marketers’ biggest challenges.

And we were happy to participate.

Oath Ad Platforms Fireside Chat with John Koetsier, Singular from Oath on Vimeo.

Missy Schnurstein, Oath’s Head of Product Marketing and Demand Strategy, hosted the chat, and we spoke about adtech, martech, IoT, and the changing relationship between brands and customers.

That includes emerging rules and standards around advertising and how marketers might access new prospects in the future via mediated structures — perhaps using blockchain — to communicate to people who have explicitly granted them permission.

Check out the blog post here, and the full video is embedded above, or available on Vimeo.

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