Mobile marketing masterclass: announcing UNIFY @ HOME

By John Koetsier October 3, 2019

This summer Singular held a remarkable mobile marketing conference: UNIFY. Now we’re announcing a unique mobile marketing masterclass.

For UNIFY, we didn’t invite thousands of people. We didn’t invite dozens of journalists. We didn’t invite loud-mouthed prognosticators. Instead, UNIFY 2019 was for experts. People who are deep in the trenches of mobile marketing. And we capped attendance so the level of quality was super-high.

One of the scenes at UNIFY 2019

But now we’re opening the (flood)gates. For free.

If we were selective with attendees, we were even more selective with speakers. Experts from Amazon and AirBnB. Nike. Supercell. Coinbase. Glu Mobile. DraftKings. Lyft. BarkBox …and more.

That meant the quality of insight was super-high. And now … you can have access to all of it. We’ve posted the videos from almost all the sessions. There’s one we contractually can’t, due to the sensitive nature of the insight shared … but there’s gotta be a reason for you to come to UNIFY 2020, right?

The videos are available now in one simple UNIFY @ HOME playlist. Here’s what’s included:

The UNIFY mobile marketing masterclass

  • The state of growth marketing
  • Seeing cross-platform with 20/20
  • Building a data-driven creatives engine
  • 5 unexpected effects of fraud on your business
  • Under the hood: Making your tech stack intelligent
  • Go beyond the fundamentals
  • The future of marketing intelligence

Each has world-class marketing experts, adding up to a mobile marketing masterclass that you can access completely for free.

Get access to the class right here.

There’s no cost, and you don’t have to log in to enjoy all the insight. (Oh, and if you want to get on the invite list for UNIFY 2020, there’s a way to do that.)

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