mCommerce Conversion Rates Increase to Near PC Commerce Figures

By John Koetsier May 12, 2015

There’s some really interesting data available today in an article on eMarketer entitled Smartphones Are Closing the Retail Ecommerce Device Gap. The data compare the digital commerce conversion rates for transactions made on different platforms, including mcommerce. From the piece:

Smartphones have the lowest conversion rate of any device—at 1.0% in Q1, it was just half the rate on tablets and even lower compared to desktop or laptop PCs. But it has also more than doubled since the same period the previous year, even as PC conversion rates fell and tablet rates climbed by just 18.1%.

eCommerce and mCommerce Metrics

That growth trajectory indicates a growing comfort level with transacting via phone, which could relate to waning concerns about data safety as well as improved check out experiences. Average revenue per visit also increased in a big way between 2014 and 2015, up even faster than mcommerce transaction rate increases. AOV gaps are also closing, albeit more slowly.

It’s clear that mCommerce is growing even more quickly in the US than many expected, which underscores the need to reliable and accurate mobile behavior data collection, as well as customer profiles that are just as well informed on mobile-based transactions as PC-based transactions. If your business relies on digital transactions, it’s clear that you need to close the mobile data gap – a data “hole” that afflicts virtually every major brand.

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