Learn how to grow your mobile app with Google’s newest course for Universal App campaigns

By John Koetsier March 2, 2018

Mobile marketers want to get their app in front of as many paying users as possible, and Google’s Universal App campaigns (UAC) does just that. UAC streamlines the process for promoting an app across Google’s largest properties including Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.

With UAC, marketers provide a few lines of text, a starting bid and budget, and the language and geo location for the ad. From there Google does the rest by pulling assets from the app store listing and then leverages machine learning technology to optimize for the best combination of ad format and network. To ensure optimal performance and value for each new user, AdWords automates targeting and bidding based on the marketer’s preference for optimizing campaigns based on either installs or in-app conversions.

Starting October 15th 2017, Adwords began running all new app install campaigns on UAC, and as of November 15th 2017, officially moved all existing campaigns to UAC. Since October 15th, Singular has seen an average increase in conversion rate of one percent month-over-month for marketers running on Google, proving the performance of Universal App campaigns.

To ensure marketers have a full understanding of UAC, Google has also announced the launch of a new interactive education program with an introduction course that certifies marketers on how UAC works, tips for getting started, and best practices. Course units include an introduction to UAC, how to grow your business with UAC, and how to better measure for growth.

This is a large shift in the overall mobile ecosystem and it’s important for our team to be on the forefront of these changes to better serve our customers. Everyone on our customer success team completed the UAC certification and found it to be extremely valuable, especially the in-product walkthroughs. This is even more important for some of our customers who use third party ad tech platforms and may not be as familiar with navigating in Adwords directly. The UAC training course did a great job at showing AND telling for better understanding.

 – Victor Savath, VP of Customer Strategy and Enablement, Singular

We encourage our customers to complete the course in order to:

  • Learn from industry experts. The course was created by marketers who’ve been in your shoes and vetted by the Google team who built the Universal App campaign.
  • Learn on your schedule. Watch snackable videos at your own pace. The course is made up of short 3-minute videos to help you master the content faster.
  • Practice what you learn. Complete interactive activities based on real life scenarios like using UAC to help launch a new app or release an update for your app.

So get started with the Universal App campaigns (UAC) online course today.

You can also read more about UAC best practices here and here. Or reach out to your certified Singular Customer Success Manager!

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