Growth marketing leaders: Why you need to be at UNIFY 2019 this June in Napa

By John Koetsier April 1, 2019

What if you could go to a conference and actually learn something new? Wouldn’t that be different?

You’re a growth marketing pro. You run user acquisition, or growth marketing, or monetization. You spend millions monthly on paid customer/user acquisition with positive ROI, growing apps, businesses, brands, and revenue. Most conferences you go to, you either are on stage … or you should be.

Because you know more than most of the talking heads who get all the airtime.

That’s why UNIFY 2019 is the perfect event for you.

Because we don’t invite talking heads. We don’t invite big names with big logos who don’t really know what they’re talking about … although there are experts with big names and big logos speaking! And we don’t invite speakers who don’t live, eat, breathe, sleep, and dream growth marketing. We hunt experts for the UNIFY stage … professionals who actually accomplish what they’re talking about at an extremely high level.

And their knowledge combines with your knowledge to produce unique insights that will help you continue to drive growth.

But don’t take it from me. Here’s what growth pros from Playstudios, Yelp, Jam City, Nexon, Digital Turbine, Kongregate, N3twork, and Small Giant Games had to say.

UNIFY hosts Gadi Eliashiv and Susan Kuo

Other conferences are “repetitive.” UNIFY deals with “more complex issues” and “bigger business problems.” UNIFY is “intimate” and “removes the barriers,” enabling deep connections with “top notch UA talent.” Attendees are a “great combination of marketers” where “people are sharing information.”

It’s not just high-level nice-to-know information, UNIFY is “more tactical” and more “in the weeds” where speakers go deep into “how we’re seeing success.” People have “open and frank conversations about what is working,” and are “incredibly helpful.”

Add it all up, and where other conferences are “stuffy” and “repetitive,” UNIFY is “a breath of fresh air.”

What if you could go to a conference where you, as a growth marketing pro, could actually hear, learn from, and share with other people who experience the same challenges, problems, and opportunities you do? Like granularity. Like cross-channel and cross-platform marketing. Like the modern data explosion. Like aligning your execs, BI, finance, tech, and creative teams with marketing. Like mobile ad fraud.

That’s UNIFY. Those are all previous sessions from last year’s UNIFY that dug deep into real problems and highlighted real solutions. This year, we’re going to do more of the same … but even better.

For all the details, check the UNIFY site. You’ll find who’s speaking, where it is (hint: Napa), the dates (June 4), and how to get invited.

We’d love to learn with you. Join us!

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